Thursday, June 26, 2008

Been awhile.....

Well it's been a bit since i posted so I figured I'd drop in a line to my blog fans and say hello! Summer is halfway over!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! To me, it's just flying by! We're trying to stay busy going to the pool and Reese going to vacation bible school and just relaxing... but we do get rather bored.
Many of you might know that Jon and I have been trying to add on to our family for awhile now. About 1.5yrs really. And it's not happening. I just can't bring myself to go see a fertility specialist and so I'm trying SO hard just to accept the fact that 2 babies may be all we are blessed with. But just when I come to feel like I can be okay with that, someone close to me announces a pregnancy! And would you believe in the last 2 months, 3 family members have annouced new bambinos!!! While I'm super excited for them, why the heck isn't this rubbing off on me??! God knows I have my hands full already so maybe this is all a good thing but just the thought of not being able to have another baby and to be done with that phase of my life is hard to come to terms with, ya know? I mean Reese is starting Kindergarten and Rielly is going into preschool. *sigh*. I haven't been alone for 5.5yrs! It'll be weird because I guess I thought I would always have another baby to keep me busy. But it's okay. The sting has lessened over the last few months-- I'm not so obsessed with temping every morning and analyzing every spike and dip and every twinge with my body and I probably only buy 1 pregnancy test a month now as opposed to the 20 I was buying at first. LOL so that's a good thing. Anyways that's whats on my mind right now. And seriously.. DO NOT SAY it'll happen when the time is right to me or it'll happen if it's meant to be. If I have to hear that one more time, I may start throwing punches! lol
Let's see what else is going on... ummmm my family wants to do a family reunion in Az next March. Could be fun.. could be dangerous.. either way it'll be VERY expensive. So I'm already fretting about that a bit. You have to have money to be able to save it right? There lies the rub. But hopefully it works out and we can attend. Flying 4 people to Az now days when it was already costly to begin with can be brutal!
OHHHHHHH I got my Cricut! If you don't know what it is, check out The one I got is the Cricut expression.. it can cut as big as 12X24 and it is awesome. Big though! I've been having fun with it when I have time to play with it. I just got done working on a project for a Relief Society program.. I made all the handouts so that kept me rather busy for awhile. Now I have some downtime so I can make some scrapbook pages with my new bug.. or some cards. We'll see:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer time!!!-- which means SUNBURN time!!

My dear friend Sarah loaned us her pool key in her subdivision so the kids and I went a few times last week. The problem with summer time me and the sun don't get along AT ALL!! Never have and I doubt we ever will. No matter how much sunscreen I use, the darn sun always breaks through. But the kids enjoy it. Just last week, I got pretty fried. My legs, shoulder, head, etc... OUCH!!!

Here's the kids having a swell ol time!

And here's my X-rated picture of my legs!!