Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've been busy!!!

I had to sit down recently and try to be a little craft for various gifts I needed to get done. Even though I'm sure Jon doesn't think I need a whole room for my crafts, I really do appreciate the fact that I have one. I know it won't last forever and I definately don't keep it clean but I do enjoy having one.

Tomorrow is the last day of school so I wanted to give Reese's teacher a little something w/out spending a lot of something. So I made her a gift bag with a card that attaches and inside I made a little milk container with some hugs inside and the made some flowers to stick out of it. I also made her a little card holder/purse with a few matching cards (I actually made 4 of these.. 3 for the ladies I visit teach).

Then I wanted to do something for Reese's classmates at school. Remember the old sour cream containers? Well I made about 20 of those with candy inside. That was a bit time consuming but I let Reese help stamp them as much as he had the patience for.

And lastly this week, my sister asked if I would make some bows for a twins convention thingy she is doing so I figured why not! I definately don't do the greatest job and making duplicates can be a pain but I managed to put together 10sets.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Strep is among us

Reese started to feel kinda sick on Sunday.. runny nose and just yuck. So we thought it was a cold and Jon took him home. He was running a fever and just sluggish and then Rielly started getting a cough and runny nose. So I figured I might as well take them to the dr since it's that time of yr (summer coming.. why not get sick right?). I knew at least one of the had strep throat. Who would have thought they BOTH have it!! Ugggggggg

Luckily Publix has amoxicillan for free so that took care of that. But I ask you- do these look like the faces of 2 sickos waiting for their meds?

Friday, May 23, 2008


We decided to try another sport with Reese since soccer wasn't his favorite thing to do. So we signed him up for t-ball at the TLC church. While he won't be getting into the major league anytime soon, we sure hope he enjoyed himself. The thing with Reese is he's so easily distracted. But he did try and I think he would like to do it again.. at least we hope. Here's some shots of him at his very last t-ball game!

Since it was at a church, they prayed before every game!

Up to bat! (like the guy behind him? He's a big church guy but he was wearing a short skull shirt)

I caught him off guard as he got to 1st base!

Taking off to run the bases!!

In my shoes!

Rielly loves to put on our shoes and help us put on our shoes so I thought it was cute when she found the biggest ones possible and tried to walk in them!

And she's so proud to be a grown up!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Break (a little late)

This is a little overdue but I just wanted to share something fun that we have here in GA that I've never heard of before moving here. A big room full of bounce houses!!! Over spring break, my friend and I took our kids there to play and my kiddos had a blast! The pictures speak for themselves!!

That same week some friends and I took our kids to Cagles dairy- a milking barn cllose by in Canton. They give a tour of the dairy, show the kids how to milk the cows than how they process and pasturize and all that good stuff. We also went on a hayride and got to see cows up close and then feed them. It was a cute trip and the kids really enjoyed it.

Rielly with the milking man!

The kids on the hay ride!

Loving them cows!

Feeding the goats!

don't you love when you take a super cute picture and then find out there's a butt in the background?

And then we got to play with the baby calves!

Jon Schmidt

A mom of one of my piano students gave the family tickets last Saturday to go see Jon Schmidt at a fundrasier for the Woodstock HS music dept. I had never heard of this fella before but after looking up his website and asking around, it looked rather entertaining. He's a pianist but he's writes or rearranges his own music and it is SO fun to watch. We went and the kids even loved it! I guess he's a pretty big thing in Utah (LDS of course). He plays upside down, turned around, with his head, etc. It was so funny! And the cool thing was that is so nice! Afterwards the host family invited us over to their house for dessert so I went and he showed up and just sat and had cake and enjoyed the company. Before he left, he played some more songs on their piano including "All of Me" and "Waterfall". So people- I am sold! I bought his hymns piano book and downloaded a few of his songs on his website so I can learn to play them. I have a feeling several of my piano students are going to want to learn so I figure I better know how to play them first.

Anyways here's a few pics of the guy playing the piano afterwards.

I kid you not people.. he is the best pianist I have heard in a long time! Flawless!!!

Here's a video I took of him playing Waterfall (I think). Not the best but I'm glad I got it! Don't forget to turn off my darn music player at the bottom.

And this is the worst and fattest picture I have ever taken but heck.. we outta send it to Oprah as my "before picture". But this is Chaylee (my oldest piano student), Jon Schmidt and myself.

And here's a fun one-- Jon cleaning our bathroom as my Mothers Day present. What an awesome husband I have!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Father and Son's Campout

Hello Harris family lovers! This is Jon and my first post to this blog. Hopefully you come back after reading my posts.
This past weekend Reese and I went on a father & sons campout to a place called Fort Mountain, thought I'd post some pics from the campout:

This was part of the breakfast Br Wilhelm cooked up for us, pancakes, eggs, and SAUSAGE.
Here Reese was putting on a "Show" in one of the lean-to's

Reese in front of our gigantic tent

Legend of "fair skinned indians being driven off by dark skinned indians" who were purported to build the "wall" (looked more like a pile of rocks)

The staggering "Tower" they built.

There was a pretty cool overlook right on the cliff of the mountain over looking the valley.

Reese on the overlook.

It was a pretty fun trip. There a few other families there and we had a good time even if there wasn't a crowd of people show up.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish all the mommies and futures mommies that read my blog a great big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
Here's some pics of the reasons I get to sit back and relax today....

Reese holding the mothers day jewelry box he made me!

My jewelry box. I love it!!

My little ones and me!

Me and my girl!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Our girls night!!

Jon and Reese went tonight to a fathers and sons outing for church so Rielly and I went out with my friend Rebecca and her girls to get pedicures and dinner. It was a lot of fun and Rielly did great!!

We got matching toes!

I totally got overpriced though- that was crummy. But our toes turned out cute!!!

I was very excited to be able to do something so girly with my little girl! Now it's only just begun!

I can't wait to see how much fun the boys had this weekend!

Okay I lied.. 1 more teacher gift

This one is a simple one.. I just made a little gift bag out of an envelope and a tag punch and then tied a ribbon around it and a beer bread. Inside the little bag is a dip sample.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Naked Yard!!

So we had the tree cutters come out today. They did pretty good I think although they didn't do what they said. The were supposed to totally cut low one of the bushes in the front but they barely trimmed it. Everything else was pretty good. SO here's the before and afters:)

You can see our house now!!! What are we gonna do with all that extra yard space?!?!?!?