Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Father and Son's Campout

Hello Harris family lovers! This is Jon and my first post to this blog. Hopefully you come back after reading my posts.
This past weekend Reese and I went on a father & sons campout to a place called Fort Mountain, thought I'd post some pics from the campout:

This was part of the breakfast Br Wilhelm cooked up for us, pancakes, eggs, and SAUSAGE.
Here Reese was putting on a "Show" in one of the lean-to's

Reese in front of our gigantic tent

Legend of "fair skinned indians being driven off by dark skinned indians" who were purported to build the "wall" (looked more like a pile of rocks)

The staggering "Tower" they built.

There was a pretty cool overlook right on the cliff of the mountain over looking the valley.

Reese on the overlook.

It was a pretty fun trip. There a few other families there and we had a good time even if there wasn't a crowd of people show up.

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