Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hey friends! Vote for my kids would ya??? We could use the money for summer clothes! You can vote once everyday :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

My new baby!!!

And I love her!
What the hey is it you say?? Well I'll tell you-

The Silhouette CAMEO® is an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 12" wide and 10 feet long. The machine also boasts a quiet motor and the ability to register and cut printed materials.
Why do I like it? Because for $18/mo, I can get $150 worth of images (.99each) and unlike a cricut cartridge, I pick which images I want. I can cut ANY font I have on my computer. I can create images through the program, print it and then have my cricut cut it out perfectly. I can cut vinyl of any length. Etc Etc Etc.
Here's a few projects I made with it. Keep in mind, I've only had it a few weeks and haven't played too much but it really is fun!

Invites for K.B.'s sons graduation brunch
Easter baskets for the kiddos
My very first project


I'm still here!
I miss all my blogging friends.
Life gets busy... I shouldn't let that stop me from blogging though.

I have started to blog on

Not really about running anymore tho.
But I'll be on here more often and get better abt sharing my life with the world!