Thursday, July 31, 2008


But it's freakin exciting!!!
The Breaking Dawn gets released in ohhhhh about 27hrs and 15minutes...... HOLY MOLY!!! I am so excited.
However here's the not fair stuff. It's going to be in my mailbox Saturday waiting for me and I won't even be here!!!
But did I mention how excited I am? There's so many answers I want. Do Edward and Bella do the deed? How do they do it? If he's a vampire, can he do it? Or do they have to wait until she's a vampire because apparently from what we already know, vampires can do it... just more aggressively. And does Bella become a vampire? Is Jacob really gone? Or does he come back and fight for her? Will he tell Charlie? Does he win? Does Edward win? (I'm on team Edward). Why is Bella such a whiner? Will she actually grow up in this book?
All these answers and more will be available this weekend!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned....
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OH and we're going to Hilton Head tomorrow! YAY!!!! Can't wait!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tomorrow is Dads Birthday

It's that time again...

I wanted to take a moment to be able to post about this because it's still a rather emotional time and I don't know if I will post about it tomorrow.

But tomorrow is my dads 62nd birthday. 62 is not old! People live far beyond that. So 62 should just be a yay I'm getting older birthday. I guess the good thing is dad will never have a "yay I'm getting older birthday", right?

Happy Birthday dad.... I know you're celebrating in a far better way than you ever could on earth:) I hope I have made you proud and will continue to make you proud. I know you watch over me.. every now and then when I really need it (and lately it's been a lot), I feel you with me. And because of this, how could I ever deny the truths you and mom taught me? I sure miss you dad.

I wrote this last yr on his birthday and I still find it fitting today. Sorry that it's a year outdated but you'll get the idea:)

Written July 31st 2007

July 31st.. a day that has been a part of my life since I was born. I remember 2 yrs ago on July 31st, I had gone back to Az from California and I had the fortunate opportunity at that time to celebrate my dads 59th birthday. 59 yrs of accomplishments and hardships and heartaches and miracles and happiness.. 59yrs of being Earl Lutz. I remember going shopping with Cody (or Chad) to look for his birthday present and we ended up finding him some silly gag gifts. I remember Jim getting him a big plastic tote full of BBQ stuff-- seasonings, a chefs hat, an apron, a grill cover, tools, etc. And you know--life was good. Who would have ever thought that in just a few short months, things weren't going to be good. Who knows how long he was sick for.. but thank goodness we had that day. Now I remember July 31st last yr. How things changed. What a sad day that was. We had already found out we were moving to GA and we were preparing to make this move. I talked to mom that day.. they had gone to the cemetary. You see... by last July 31st, my dad was already in heaven. He celebrated his 60th birthday with his dad and sister and all his relatives that had gone on before him. What an amazing birthday present for him. But for me, last year was hard because it was the first birthday that I couldn't call or send a gift or tell him Happy Birthday. And now there's today.. another July 31st. This yr seems different... more difficult than the last. My dear friend Natalie was right when she said last yr it hadn't sunk in yet that he was actually dead.. this year reality has set. So I have been dreading this July 31st for awhile now. Just like I dread each Fathers Day. But sitting around crying and being depressed is everything a birthday isn't. A birthday is a day to celebrate. So I am focusing today on celebrating a man who lived on this earth for 59.5 years. A man who is no longer sick and suffering. A man who went before us.. to be there to help us when our time on earth is through. I am celebrating the fact that I am healthy--that my body isn't fighting some awful disease that could take me away from my family prematurely. I'm celebrating the fact that I can see the beautiful blue sky and hear the birds singing.. that I am able to take my kids on a picnic and watch them laugh and play at the park and know that I am able to do all these things because on July 31st, my dad was born. So Happy Birthday Dad. You are truely missed and loved so much and I will forever celebrate July 31st..and every day before and after it until I am able to celebrate with you again. I am grateful for the life you had and the choices you made and how much you loved my children..LOVE my children.. I will always remember your sense of humor and your smile... that smile that you always had no matter how much pain you were in- or how worried you were. And your very last second here on earth, you smiled. My greatest gift I could give to you today is to smile and to remember you that you lived and the life you had... and to live my life in such a way that I will be able to return to be with you again someday.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blueberries anyone?

There's a place here called Berry Patch Farms that during the month of July when the blueberries rippen, anyone can go out and pick all the blueberries they want for 1.69/lb. Can't beat that with a stick for juicy ripe blueberries! So 2 different times this week, we went out to get some. The first time on Thursday it was just the kids and I but didn't stay long because it was so stinkin hot. So today Jon was home and we all loaded up and went. We ended up this time picking almost 4lbs of blueberries. And we just had a great time spending the morning together (even though Jon and I didn't get to bed til almost 3am). We plan to make this a tradtion for us at the end of each summer.

The fruits of our labors.. literally!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First tooth..gone

Big thing in our house.... well big for us. Our 5 yr old lost his first tooth!!! I can't believe my kid is old enough to be loosing teeth!! Where is time going?!?! And now he's going into Kindergarten?

He's had these 2 bottom teeth loose for awhile but he's been kinda scared to loose them. But one of them kept getting looser and looser and for several days Jon tried to pull it but Reese would freak out and they would stop. Plus that sucker was rooted in so good we were afraid it would be a problem. Monday night it seriously was hanging by a thread.. the tooth was turned sideways and we knew if it stayed in, he would end up swallowing it in his sleep. I am so squeemish about that kind of stuff so when Jon got ready to try again to pull it, I closed my eyes tight and held on to Reeses hand.. probably tighter than he was squeezing on to mine. And in a few seconds and no whining this time, it was out!!! Can I just tell you how stinkin excited he was?!?!?! He wanted to call everyone and tell them (and he did the next day).

You can't really tell in this picture but I LOVVVVVVEEE his smile!!!

The hole!

His new smile.. at least until the next one comes out:)

The tooth fairy did come that night and brought him 2 quarters which he then turned around the next day and bought a candy bar (so more teeth can rot and fall out?? huh).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some of the latest crafty things I've been working on

I thought I'd try my hand at making a flip-out scrapbook....I'm excited at the way it turned out. These are a few pictures of my dads early years.

The front cover
When it's all the way opened up
Front side
Middle with side flaps closed
Middle with side flaps opened
Left side opened.

Here's some cards I made... nothing fabulous but kinda fun!

I made some handouts for a Relief Society program... it was work but I think they turned out pretty cool:)

And I made 50 of them!

Just some misc pictures... enjoy

No exciting stories behind these... just some misc pictures from the past month or so

**This is what happens on a Sunday when church is at 8:30am**

Rielly had a little too much fun playing on the WII!!!

My first princess using my Cricut!!! Rielly took it right after this and I haven't seen it since.

Look ma-- I do have friends.. more or less. I actually got to go to lunch BY MYSELF (without kids that is)!!! We were having a girls lunch to celebrate some birthdays.

4th of July

We were fortunate to have Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dwight come and visit us for the 4th of July weekend. Rather than going out to watch fire works, we decided to do a few of our own and the kids loved it!!!

So some may think... that's an interesting tree. Nope it's a weed that WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!!!

And on the other side of the house... why won't these things go away!!!

But the roses are growing that I planted! That's pretty exciting that they didn't just kill over right away!!

Rielly and I waiting for the fun to begin!!!

The one and only sparkler that she would even bother with

And the fun begins!!!

The kids with their aunt and uncle

Our little family!

The love of my life!

Lowes Workshop

Reese the Builder!!

I thought it'd be fun to let Reese use a hammer and not get in trouble for it... so I took him to a Lowes workshop. He got to make a tape measurer although I think he probably would have done a better job if I wasn't helping him!! This was origionally planned for him and Jon but Jon had his last baptism to do that day as his final responsibility as ward mission leader. I couldn't fault him for that:)

Catching up.. last day of school!

So I'm a little behind on my posting but that's okay. I had good intentions!!! The end of May meant the end of Reeses 1st yr of school.. he completed PRE-K!! It was a big accomplishment for him because at 4yrs old, he was going to school M-F from 8-2:30. And he did real good! He really liked his teachers Miss Nikki and Miss Nagwa. Here's some pictures from his last day of school!

Reese and his teacher Miss Nikki

Reese wanted to show Rielly everything in his class.. they sat down and read stories

I'm not sure who these extra kids are but they were in the class.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I had a cool countdown to the 4th twilight book but it's not working but I just wanted to express my excitement for the Breaking Dawn that will be released VERY SOON!!! Like 2 weeks baby!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fast Sunday.... my kids and their testimonies

Yesterday was fast Sunday and my kids have in the past have gone up and shared their testimonies with our help. Yesterday Reese really wanted to do it but wanted help. Neither Jon and I were up for going up and doing it so finally Reese said he wanted to do it by himself after seeing his friend go up. So he did. I could tell he was a little nervous because he starts rubbing his eyes when he gets afraid but he said he was thankful for his family and his mom and dad and for the church. And he came down all proud and brave and we were so proud of him. About 10 minutes later, Rielly decided she wanted to do it too without help. Mind you this is a little 3yr old girl. But she ran up there and stood proud by herself at the stand and said she's thankful for her family and for her teachers and for the church. And came hopping down as happy as can be. As a parent, it was the sweetest thing we could ever experience! My kids are innocent and have these little testimonies that they aren't afraid to share with everyone! They do love church and their families and very much their teachers. And I love that they aren't intimidated by a lot of people. It was just a very special experience that i wanted to share before I forgot to do it. I love my kids and I am so proud of their sweet spirits. One lady told me yesterday that Reese just has a big spirit in a little body (he has a tendancy to act out in his class). That made me feel better because he does have so much in there and doesn't know how to let it out and I'm glad that one of his outlets is to share his testimony.