Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some of the latest crafty things I've been working on

I thought I'd try my hand at making a flip-out scrapbook....I'm excited at the way it turned out. These are a few pictures of my dads early years.

The front cover
When it's all the way opened up
Front side
Middle with side flaps closed
Middle with side flaps opened
Left side opened.

Here's some cards I made... nothing fabulous but kinda fun!

I made some handouts for a Relief Society program... it was work but I think they turned out pretty cool:)

And I made 50 of them!


Margaret said...

Beautiful work!!

Vanessa said...

Great pictures, cute new background, I LOVE the diecut princess. You are so crafty and creative, the memorial photo album of your father is beautiful! So special. You're an awesome woman Shannon, and very special. Love ya girl!

Vanessa said...

I need you to help me make one similar to the tribute photograph thingie for Justin. As you know, we are really close to him and he's leaving on his mission soon. I have a few pictures and something things I'd like to put together for him. I think you're just the gal to help with me with the project.

Shannon Harris said...

Vanessa.. I can make the album for you and you can add the pictures and sentiments and stuff. Just let me know the colors and if you want me to decorate the blank pages and what not. No problem.

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

Shans! It was so fun to find you (thanks for finding me!) It was so great to peek into your world a bit and to see your darling family. Love and miss you, rach