Monday, July 7, 2008

Fast Sunday.... my kids and their testimonies

Yesterday was fast Sunday and my kids have in the past have gone up and shared their testimonies with our help. Yesterday Reese really wanted to do it but wanted help. Neither Jon and I were up for going up and doing it so finally Reese said he wanted to do it by himself after seeing his friend go up. So he did. I could tell he was a little nervous because he starts rubbing his eyes when he gets afraid but he said he was thankful for his family and his mom and dad and for the church. And he came down all proud and brave and we were so proud of him. About 10 minutes later, Rielly decided she wanted to do it too without help. Mind you this is a little 3yr old girl. But she ran up there and stood proud by herself at the stand and said she's thankful for her family and for her teachers and for the church. And came hopping down as happy as can be. As a parent, it was the sweetest thing we could ever experience! My kids are innocent and have these little testimonies that they aren't afraid to share with everyone! They do love church and their families and very much their teachers. And I love that they aren't intimidated by a lot of people. It was just a very special experience that i wanted to share before I forgot to do it. I love my kids and I am so proud of their sweet spirits. One lady told me yesterday that Reese just has a big spirit in a little body (he has a tendancy to act out in his class). That made me feel better because he does have so much in there and doesn't know how to let it out and I'm glad that one of his outlets is to share his testimony.


Margaret said...

I would have been crying so hard. What sweet children.

Kenningtons said...

Shannon!!! Jamie (Seale) here. i saw a comment you left on Annie's blog so I popped over here to check out what you are up to. Cute fam!!! Precious that your kids are bearing their testimonies on their own!!

Kris said...

Hey there, Shannon! It's Kris (Larson) from good 'ol SHS! I saw your comment on Jamie's blog & came on over to get a look at this cutie family of yours. How awesome that they can both bear their testimony on their own- that's quite an accomplishment at 3, especially! Hope you don't mind if I pop on over to check you guys out every once in a while. Bye!