Sunday, March 21, 2010

$14 score!!!

Just a little brag so I at least have something to blog about...
Yesterday, $14 bought me.....

40pouches of tuna
6 jars of Prego spaghetti sauce
4 vitamin bottles
3 sudafed packs
vitamin water
bag of light potato chips
loaf of honey wheat bread
8 bags of shredded Kraft cheese
4 tubs of promise butter
pack of 12 string cheese
chow mein noodles
box of rice crispies cereal (those new jumbo ones.. yum)
5 pouches of Buddig lunch meat
3 bags of coconut m&ms
2 cans of Hormel chili

And I *think* thats it.. not bad for less than what we spend on eating out. I heart coupons!!!
I'll blog about something exciting soon.. I promise. Just nothing really going on lately!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weigh in for week 7

Jon -4lbs
Shannon -3lbs

Grand total so far...

Jon has lost 21lbs
Shannon has lost 11lbs

Vacation plans

We decided that we had such a great time last yr on our summer vacation to try for another one this yr....

Jon got a bonus at work which helped us be able to pay off our credit card as well as put some money into savings so we decided to use our tax return and just have fun... and so we are.

The plans????

Jon and I are taking a 4night cruise back to the Bahamas!!!

And so we're not too selfish, as soon as we get back, we got a 4 night/ 3 day package to be able to take the kids to....

The package deal was pretty sweet... includes the hotel (w/free breakfast), 3 day pass to the parks, a breakfast at the 3 Broomsticks, free transportation, etc. Plus the Harry Potter stuff will have just opened up so my kids will be in heaven!!!

Very excited about this! Kind of having remorse over the money but with our house still not selling and everything else going on with the economy and hopefully have another baby on the way next yr (no I'm not pregnant yet), we may not have this chance again in awhile.

May 31st can't come fast enough!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Coupon/Sales totals for last week of Feb.....

A pretty good coupon week I must say.... soup or cereal anyone?

spent 12.11
saved 189.50

Harris Teeter:
spent 6.49
saved 38.00

spent 18.03
saved 56.45

spent 36.63
saved 283.95