Sunday, April 14, 2013

Remember me??

What a slacker am I???

So much to blog, so little time.
SO I'll just start from where I am now.

Semester #2 is almost over at MTSU. So ready for that!!!! Looking forward to a funfilled summer! Nashville Shores, Florida, Universal Studios, Disney, beach and best of all; NO SCHOOL!!!

I'm fully recovered from my Gastric Bypass surgery and feeling great! I've down just over 65lbs and feeling great! I hope to lose another 20 but having not been this size since exiting the womb, I'm pretty happy with it!

Kids are doing great. It was a hard adjustment for Reese especially with his new school but he is getting the hang of it. They are both playing soccer now and both in piano lessons and really enjoying it.

Jon's job is great! Got a raise and a bonus this year and we've been really blessed from it.

Life has been kind of a struggle for me personally. Without going into too many details yet, I've starting looking for some answers to questions I've had for a very long time and finding them has been a difficult journey.
Life can be tricky sometimes but one thing I do know- God loves me and He will always be by side. That's a beautiful thing!

So forgive me that I can't catch you all up from my last posting but I hope to be better from now on. But I'll leave you with a thought for today that I've really found to be true: