Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today I felt God...

in a Glee episode of all things!

Season 2 episode 3 "Cheesus"...
Not sure really why it had to be this show that struck me but it was moving. Finn made a grilled cheese sandwich with his George Forman grill and when it came out, it had a picture of Christ burnt on it. So he started praying to Grilled Cheesus. It was pretty funny but sad at the same time...he figured praying to Jesus was like a genie and he gets 3 wishes.
Kirks dad had a heart attack and the believers in Glee club all wanted to pray for him but Kirk announced that he didn't believe in God...but thankfully Mercedes didn't give up.
Sue Sylvester also doesn't believe in God because her sister who has downs syndrom wasn't cured through all the prayers Sue prayed as a child. But even after all this, it was Sue's sister that said "God doesn't make mistakes".
I know it's just a show but this woman is living in a home and is handicapped and if she can believe that she truely wasn't a mistake, why can't I believe that God doesn't make mistakes with me?

So many things have happened in my life where I have felt so abandoned by the one who promised to never leave us. My dads untimely and unfair death was the big one. My stupid choices I made in my younger days. My struggle with infertility. So many things that have been so hard for me to handle and so devistating for me to deal with...but the one thing that I have failed to realize is that I am still here. And I am still standing. I have scars and I may ache when the weather changes but I am still walking on my own two feet. If that's not a testiment to God never leaving me, then I don't know what is. He has brought people into my life to act as a crutch when I stumble. He has given me a husband and two beautiful children that mend my broken heart daily. It's not God who has made the mistakes. It's ME who needs to learn how to handle the trials I'm given because God has a plan for me. I admittedly argue and complain about these trials cuz well... they pretty much suck. My dads death was a huge blow on my faith and I'm still not recovered from that. I doubt I ever will be. And I doubt I will ever understand why he had to get struck down with that horrible disease and suffer the way he did. Heck I don't even pretend to understand a lot of things. But the fact of the matter is, it wasn't a mistake. And me not being able to get pregnant isn't a mistake.. and I had to say it but can't deny that it is in Gods hands. I get so angry about it but that anger doesn't do a darn thing to bring us a baby. It just affects me.

So today I thank you Glee and your wicked and scandalous ways of teaching me that God truely does know what the hell He's doing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow... must watch.

Kristy sent this to me this morning and even if you're not a country fan, this seriously is one heartwarming moving video. Wow is all I can say. I'm sick today and feeling like crud and sorry for myself because I am not staying on top of my training routine like I should be and after watching this video, that all seems so inconsequential.

From Lady Antebellum:
Hello World

AND... if that one didn't get touch your heart, here's the origional video to this song.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Song of the Day- Due West

I promise I'm not being partial but Due West has climbed to the top of being one of my favorite country groups. (favorite spot belongs to Garth-- but they come close).
I listen to this song when I'm running so it's in my head a lot. Can't wait for the video!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Upcoming Dr Appts..

We upped our medical insurance this year in the hopes that I'd get knocked up but it turns out to be quite a blessing that we did anyways.
Our little Rielly is going to become a frequent guest at Vanderbilts Childrens Hospital over the next week or so.
I took her to our new Dr the other day to check out her ears. She's been having trouble hearing us... which some may say that's the age and selective hearing but it's to the point where she sits right in front of the tv with it blasting just so she could hear it. The dr didn't see any build up or infection but because her tonsils are the size of bowling balls (both my kids have those massive things), she wants her to go see a specialist to see if that could be a cause of her hearing loss. So we go in next week to see the ENT.
She also has been having trouble with her bladder... knowing when she has to pee and all until it's too late. She's had several kidney infections in the past so the dr thinks maybe there's a problem with them again- possible kidney reflux. So this Friday we go to Vandy and have some tests done. We had them done in the past and they were less then pleasant for the poor kid. She's older now and understands more and so I can talk her through it before hand and hopefully that will help.
Fingers crossed everything on both accounts are AOK which I'm sure they will be but I feel a lot better getting her checked out.

Riellys 6th birthday and birthday party and a little reflecting

More catch-up...
With Riellys birthday so soon after Christmas, we've been doing friend parties several weeks later. Partly because we're so exhausted after the holidays and partly because a lot of people go out of town until after the new yr.
So we had a little family party for her the night of her birthday. We ordered pizza and had cake and then she got to open her presents from the family.
The girl is definately unique which I absolutely love. She's not into barbies or anything girly like that. But she loves pets. Anything and everything that has to do with an animal, she is in heaven! So she got a TON of Littlest Pet Shop toys. And I mean a ton! This lady was selling a boatload on Craigslist to I cleaned up. Oh and she got some furreal frenzy pets and playsets.. kinda like zhuzhu I guess.

Then over 2 weeks later, we did a pet party with her friends! SO fun and SO chaotic and we loved it! We had probably about 20 kids including mine and a bunch of adults and it was crazy, crowded and a blast!

Invites were made using the Cricut cartridge I got for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it!

Sticking with the non-human theme, I went with cupcakes with butterflies and bugs....

And then we just partied! A few crafts, lots of playing and lots of gifts! I really hope I made her 6th birthday as special as she is to me! Well... she's a lot more special to me than any party but you know what I mean!

Now onto the next party! My baby boy gets baptised in 3 weeks!!!! Feels like just yesterday I had 2 babies... and now they are growing up right before my eyes and I can't do anything to stop it!
I was thinking about that this morning... there were days I just wish they would grow up and do things on their own so I can just breath. I take it back! Now I'd give just about anything to go back to the days where my babies were truely babies and hug them tighter and kiss them more and make sure they know how loved and wanted they truely are! I definately make sure they know that now!

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast.
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now...
but you're gonna miss this

Monday, January 17, 2011

We did celebrate Christmas... I promise!

Nothing like getting bikes in the middle of winter!
Our little bitty tree! Before the kids got into the goods!
Checking out what Santa brought. Reese got a DS and all the Harry Potter dvds and Rielly got a Leapster and a new pillow pet named Cuddles.
Showing off what was in her stocking. She did have cute new pjs but ended up getting sick that night and throwing all over them and everything else.
Seeing his Harry Potter box set.
Jon loved his new wallet! Pretty clever eh?

I just got to sit back and watch the magic of Christmas for my children.
More showing their Santa goodies!
He was thrilled abt his HP silly bands!
Jon got me my hat!!!!!!!!!

The aftermath!

It was a wonderful day for all of us! I already posted about our Happy Birthday Jesus party that night! Quiet holidays can be pretty darn good holidays!

Funday Monday

Quick update on my Funday Monday Dr Appt...
but first can I just say something? Of course I can because it's my blog!
Infertility SUCKS!!!
And today I found even more suckiness abt it!
So to me, infertility sucks because well
#1- can't have more kids! Can you imagine wanting something so bad and so much but no matter what you do, you can't have it? It SUCKS!!!
#2- constant questions and well-meaning, yet unwelcome, comments. I've heard it all in the past 4yrs. People who haven't been in this position often times don't know what to say or how to behave and usually end up with the foot in mouth disease and not realize it.
For example:
Yes I know it's all in Gods time. So you don't need to tell me that.. and that it's not my time. That's obvious!
And yes I know it'll happen when the time is right.
And the comment that if you quit trying it'll happen--- It's not true. How do you quit trying? When you're starving, do you just quit trying to eat and hope your tummy will just fill up?
Also don't tell someone who is trying to "just relax". Sure I'll try to sit down, take a breath and hopefully that's going to help my eggs open up and blossom!
A vacation won't help either so don't tell me to take one..although I'd love to right about now! I've taken a vacation with the husband for 2 years and nope.. my uterus is still empty.
I won't get a dog. Getting a dog will not help me get pregnant.
No I'm not ready to start the adoption process. How about you just give me your baby?
Having sex every other day really isn't guaranteed to make it work. But it sure is fun.
I actually do keep my legs up after sex. Very attractive let me tell you.

BUT... I understand it's all well meaning and people really don't know what to say in these situations. I've been there. So I don't really get visibly upset anymore. Because I've heard it all. And tried it all. And we've come to the conclusion that it is out of our hands and it's a medical issue. That sucks.

#3- it's very difficult to find someone who truely understands. I'm worried I'll loose friends over this. People don't want to hear about this. It's depressing! Trust me.. my daily dose of now celexa (I switched) prooves it's depressing. No one wants to constantly hear me whining about it. Just as much as I don't want to sit in a circle of pregnant women talking about morning sickness when I would give anything right now to be throwing up. So it's a catch 22. And I don't know what to do anymore about it....I'm going to loose friends I just know it...people are going to stop wanting to talk to me. It's happened with a few. And that sucks. Because I would give anything to have someone I can cry with.

Went off on a tangent for a bit but here's what I origionally came to post about.
I went and saw a new dr today. Dr Lodge is his name. And I really really liked him. Great bedside manner! So today we began the "process"... tests tests and more tests. Which leads me to:
#4- Infertility sucks because the baby making process is no longer a private matter. They will now be charting everything! Depending on where I'm at on my cycle determines which test they need to take. So today, I'm on day 3 (I have no more secrets guys) and I had to have an ultrasound, exam and blood work done. I'm going back on day 21 to have more blood work done to test my follicules and make sure I ovulated. In the meantime, Jon has to go take a "test" too... I have a feeling his won't be as FUN as mine! *insert sarcasm here*. Then when that's done, we find out where to go from there. If it turns out to be me, some laproscopic shindig will be done to make sure my tubes are clear. Can't wait!!!

The plus side is that there's hope. Whether it's hope in adding on to the Harris clan or hope finding the answers as to why I can't conceive, we are now on the path to knowing what's going on. Even if the answer is no... it will be good to know.

So send good vibes and prayers as we continue through this very difficult and new journey we are going through! Because as hard as it is on me emotionally, it also is hard for Jon and that at times makes it hard on our marriage.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And knowing is half the battle

Time to bite the bullet and find out what is going on with my innerds!

Made an appt on Monday to go see a dr about my infertility issues. We have done 3 rounds of clomid (or a version of it) and each have failed. The last one I doubled the dose and still nada. So next month marks 4yrs since we decided to have another baby.
So here's hoping Dr Lodge will have an answer for me!
A few yrs ago, a dr said my problem was because I'm overweight. Blah Blah Blah! I'm smaller now than I have been in ages and in better health so BRING IT!

On the flip side, a HUGE congrats to my good friend Joanna who just announced her pregnancy! I'm hoping for a girl for her!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

This morning....

Will I ever catch up on this blog? Who knows!

But this is what I woke up to today...

We're at a good several inches now and supposed to get more! We're officially snowed in! There's roads in there somewhere!

EDITED: So more snow to come and I just heard that the state of Tennessee is out of salt! Say what?!?!? So we're in a state of emergency. Lovely! This doesn't usually happen in the south and so we're not as prepared as other states where this is common. Plus the snow turns to ice and it gets ugly. So my Nashville friends.. bundle up and stay warm!

The kids are loving their snow day!!! We live in a great neighborhood where we have several kids to play with and it has been wonderful! Especially on days like this!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Through the darkness, we can still see stars..

(so I really don't entirely think this.. but thought it was funny)

2010..what a year! Definately a year of change for my family and definately for me. If you follow my blog, you know a lot of what has gone on. Nothing too exciting really.. at least for my readers. But for me, it's been bitter sweet.

Here's a highlight in no particular order (okay like really out of order):
*Jan 2010 started a path to become healthy
*met my friend Kristy
*Jon lost 50lbs
*I lost 15, gained it all back and lost 25 (and then gained back 5..dang christmas)
*moved out of that horrible apartment into a house
*sold our house in GA after over a year
*lost a lot of our belongings in the Nashville flood
*trained for many months with Kristy for a half marathon
*completed 2 half marathons, 2 5k's and 1 10k
*helped do social media for the South Nash Dash
*went on a cruise to the Bahamas
*took kids to Universal Studios
*went to Nauvoo with our friends
*got my nose pierced
*made a lot of stupid choices that hurt people I love the most
*questioned my faith and then questioned some more
*fell in love more with my family
*had a miscarriage
*still after almost 4yrs, have not been able to add on to our family
*became a stay home mom without kids being at home
*got more into scrapping and card making
*saw Garth Brooks... 3 times!!!

What a year! Regardless of the bad, overall, it was definately life changing. I wouldn't change my accomplishments for anything. Without the encouragement of my family, my bestfriend and her family, I don't think I could have done it! I am truely blessed by the examples of those around me. I saw stars...through all the storms and darkness, there were stars.
And now in 2011, I want to learn how to shine on my own so I can add my light to my stars.
I have a lot of goals but now it's time to sit down and actually write them and figure out what I can do to make 2011 even more successful!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nashvilles Santa Claus!!!

Not only is this man my favorite singer of all time because of his voice and stage presence... he is truely the most amazingly charitable, humble and gracious celebrity ever!!!

Garth Brooks' charity concerts net $10 million for Nashville..

Legendary country singer headlined nine, sold-out benefit concerts in Nashville between December 16 and 22.

If the holiday season is a time of giving to those less fortunate, then the people of Nashville should consider Garth Brooks their own personal Saint Nick.

The country signer, who has sold more than 128 million albums worldwide, raised more than $3 million over nine charity concerts in Nashville from December 16-22. The money went directly to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to provide ongoing relief for victims of last May's devastating floods.

"The feeling is so good that money can't buy this," Garth told The Boot.

In total, more than 140,000 fans descended onto Nashville for the concerts -- Brooks' first in the city since 1998. The influx brought an additional $7 million in revenue thanks to parking, food, accommodations, and other purchases.

Concert attendees also received another Christmas gift in the form of Garth's announcement that he will be doing at least one more national tour. He says that his wife, Trisha Yearwood, has given her blessing for him to return to the road once his two daughters are in college.

“I want to do this tour one more time, and she has said yes," he said. Unfortunately, fans will have to be patient since “the tour won't happen for a few years.”

Until then, you can see this charitable country legend perform down at Wynn’s Encore Theater in Las Vegas. The 48-year-old rocks out 15 weeks a year, as part of a five-year agreement. Due to popularity, ticket prices recently jumped from $125 to $225.

Dedicated to my dad....

Can't get enough of Garth? Yeah me either! I just love him!!!

Garth Brooks - It's Your Song
Uploaded by taduckly_. - Explore more music videos.

This is one of my favorite songs ever in the world!! I love every part of it.. from his voice to the actual music to the key change to the fact that it's a tribute to Garths fans (ME!) .... and everytime I hear it, I'm moved by something. Today I figured out what it was. This song reminds me of my dad. One of the things I remember most about growing up is that no matter what, he believed in us. He was there for all our performances and programs and always felt that we could do whatever we wanted to. And now I just imagine him in heaven doing the same thing. So I may not be famous or heck-- even a singer but it's his voice that gives me wings!

Standing in the spotlight
On such a perfect night
Knowing that your out there listening
I remember one time
When I was so afraid
Didn't think I had the courage
To stand up on this stage
Then you reached into my heart
And you found the melody
And if there ever was somebody
Who made me believe in me
It was you
It was you

It was your song that made me sing
It was your voice that gave me wings
And it was your light that shined
Guiding my heart to find
This place where I belong
It was your song

Every night I pray
Before the music starts to play
That I'll do my best and I won't let you down
And for all the times I've stood here
This feeling feels brand new
And any time I doubt myself I think of you

'Cause It was your song that made me sing
It was your voice that gave me wings
And it was your light that shined
Guiding my heart to find
This place where I belong
It was your song

Dreams can come true
With God's great angels like you

It was your song that made me sing
It was your voice that gave me wings
And it was your light that shined
Guiding my heart to find
This place where I belong
It was your song
It was your song
It's always been your song