Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Upcoming Dr Appts..

We upped our medical insurance this year in the hopes that I'd get knocked up but it turns out to be quite a blessing that we did anyways.
Our little Rielly is going to become a frequent guest at Vanderbilts Childrens Hospital over the next week or so.
I took her to our new Dr the other day to check out her ears. She's been having trouble hearing us... which some may say that's the age and selective hearing but it's to the point where she sits right in front of the tv with it blasting just so she could hear it. The dr didn't see any build up or infection but because her tonsils are the size of bowling balls (both my kids have those massive things), she wants her to go see a specialist to see if that could be a cause of her hearing loss. So we go in next week to see the ENT.
She also has been having trouble with her bladder... knowing when she has to pee and all until it's too late. She's had several kidney infections in the past so the dr thinks maybe there's a problem with them again- possible kidney reflux. So this Friday we go to Vandy and have some tests done. We had them done in the past and they were less then pleasant for the poor kid. She's older now and understands more and so I can talk her through it before hand and hopefully that will help.
Fingers crossed everything on both accounts are AOK which I'm sure they will be but I feel a lot better getting her checked out.


Kris said...

Girl, I hear ya on the kidney/urinary stuff. :( Emma just went through all those tests in September. Yuck! Good luck with the tests- I hope they're all negative.

But, if you do end up needing hearing aids, I know where you could get some shiny blue ones that a certain little boy doesn't need! (I'm sure she won't need them, I'm just desperate to get rid of these things!)

Chad and Laura said...

We pay for insurance, but we don't actually want to use it (unless it is something planned of course). Well, that's how I feel about it, anyway. I hope everything goes well. Grateful for medical advances!!!

Kenningtons said...

Poor little thing! I'll be praying for her.

Christy Jett said...

Please let me know what the doctors say. Ben had hearing trouble as a child and had is tonsils and adnoids removed. Seemed to do the trick!

Also, my niece had similar issues with her bladder. Turned out she had one kindey smaller than the other. They were able to control her recurring infections and she is doing fine.

Good luck!! Lots of hugs to Miss Riley Roo