Thursday, November 26, 2009

Harris Family 2009

We had our photos done this year by Christy Williams.. from Christina Cole Photography. She did an amazing job I think and well worth the price! So if you all are ever in Nashville and need some family pics, I definately can hook you up!!! I need help deciding Christmas cards so let me know which pics you would like on your fridge for the next 12 months:)

I just love this picture of them.. so serious but so perfect!

So everyone knows my Twilight obsession.. who needs Edward when I have my very own vampire??


(so her...)

(yup.. I do know his shoes
My Babies!!
The Harris Family

I really like this one above but I think we were laughing a little too much or something
Oh Reese... so cute and yet so stubborn for a smile..
These 2 pictures above I absolutely love.. the colored one shows Riellys face less than the b&w one so I may see about getting that changed to color.
The coloring in this one above is awesome!!!

And then here's a few adorable shots of the kids and us looking on.

I did it

I turned 30!!!! How did that happen? It's amazing how many changes I have gone through in the last 10 yrs! Married at 21, moved to California at 21, had first baby at 23, second baby at 25, dad died at 26, moved across country at 26, bought first home at 26, moved to Nashville at 29... and now here I am.
We didn't do too much to celebrate since I had just gotten back from Az and just wanted to spend time with my family so we went to Longhorn Steak House (YUMMM), and I got a Garmin GPS (Love it SOO much!) and my favorite carrot cake! It was a nice way to get older!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Az trip round 1

Halloween weekend, I took a trip to Az (non refundable tickets- postponed wedding- blah blah blah) by myself to visit some friends and family. It was quick and fun and not all too eventful- I really missed my little family back in Nashville. I realized during this trip that while I can be independant on my own, my true independance is being with my family. Not sure if that makes sense but they are what makes me truely happy.

But anyways here's some pics from that weekend. It was fun being able to enjoy Mistis wards trunk or treat, going to Safford and hanging out with Anna, having a surprise party dinner with family and meet my moms fiance Hal, shop and just having plenty of time to think.

Here I am with little Madison- Ambers baby. Quite the monkey!!

Me and Misti

Me and my niece Jade

Anna Banana and I at Jims house

Can you believe that kid in the middle is my nephew? He's supposed to still be a baby!!!

Mom and me

Karissa, Quentin, me, Avery and mom

Before mom jumped in

me and Anna on our night out

Us again

Little Madison

Amber and Josh-- thanks again for breakfast!

I also got to spend an afternoon with my friend Tia that I haven't seen in like 8yrs! It was so fun to catch up! Thanks to facebook we were able to get back in touch!!

Our twinner toes

I took a bunch more pics but just wanted to throw these on here because we're going back next weekend for my moms actual wedding and I'm sure I'll be taking tons more. We're very excited for the kids to finally be able to spend time with their cousins and aunts and uncles-- they haven't been back in quite a long time!!!
The same day my mom is getting married, my grandma LaRue is also getting married so we'll be able to see it all at once. Should be... fun. Stay tuned!!!