Thursday, November 26, 2009

Harris Family 2009

We had our photos done this year by Christy Williams.. from Christina Cole Photography. She did an amazing job I think and well worth the price! So if you all are ever in Nashville and need some family pics, I definately can hook you up!!! I need help deciding Christmas cards so let me know which pics you would like on your fridge for the next 12 months:)

I just love this picture of them.. so serious but so perfect!

So everyone knows my Twilight obsession.. who needs Edward when I have my very own vampire??


(so her...)

(yup.. I do know his shoes
My Babies!!
The Harris Family

I really like this one above but I think we were laughing a little too much or something
Oh Reese... so cute and yet so stubborn for a smile..
These 2 pictures above I absolutely love.. the colored one shows Riellys face less than the b&w one so I may see about getting that changed to color.
The coloring in this one above is awesome!!!

And then here's a few adorable shots of the kids and us looking on.


Kenningtons said...

They are all amazing!! Seriously, how do you choose??! I personally think you should send out the one with Jon ans Edward.

Kris said...

Holy cow! I'm so jealous! You have got some amazing pictures there. I LOVE all of the family ones, but as a mommy, my favorite, favorite is the one of you & Rielly. What a beautiful family!

KK & Company said...

Love them all! My favorites are the first one with the kids looking serious yet soo beautiful, and the family pic with the cool coloring! Good luck choosing!

Christy Jett said...

What awesome pictures! I cannot pick a favorite. Your kids have grown so much since they've left here. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Shawna said...

That's a hard decision. I think they all turned out great!

Amanda said...

i cant believe how grown your kids are! we will have to come visit yall when we move back :) ps i love the twilight picture its hilarious!

Jonboy said...

er.. it was not "Jon as Edward"
I'm just a biter.