Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'll get to it!

I'm sorry my friends...
I've kinda taken a blogging hiatus.
Things have been busy with trying to get ready for the move coming up next week and just in general family summerness.
I'll definatly take some time soon and catch you up but until then,
look who showed up at the Nashville Rising (<---CLICK) concert I went to the other night....

Sandra Bullock that's who!

I have a whole blog to put together about that and I will.. I PROMISE!!!!!

Be excellent to each other!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little trip to Hogsmeade

Da da.. da da da... da daaaa daaaa..

Can you hear it???
When we bought our Universal Vacation Package, it included the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But then they changed the opening date.
So our vacation got even better because since we already purchased the package, we got a sneek peek at the "world" before the public!!!
Can I just say AMAZING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Reese is so into Harry Potter it's rediculous! In fact, he's convinced that when he turns 11, he will get his own letter. He asked me if I was going to let him have it. Of course my dear boy, if Hogwarts accepts you, I will be on that Hogwarts Express right next to you!!!

I'm loving this slideshow stuff so I condensed the pics into another slide show for you.
Enjoy our trip to Hogsmeade!!!

Florida Beach Day

Not much to say but we had a blast!!!!

I'm testing out this slideshow.
Hope it works and I hope you enjoy!

my answered prayer

I woke up this morning and said a prayer.
My prayer was simple.

I asked Heavenly Father to help me realize who I am and how I can be happy within myself today. Not forever... just today.
I'm the kind of person that has to look ahead. That has to have a plan. For some reason which will be something I need help with, I can't just enjoy the NOW. So I decided I need to just take things one day at a time for now.

Baby steps right?

Not too hard right?


There is so much about myself that's complicated to me.

Who am I?
What do I want?
Why don't I love myself?
and it goes on and on...

But thats not what I wanted to focus on today.

I want to have one day when I truely feel like I am at peace with myself. Just one day.

My 7th day.

My day of rest.

And I can always use the seminary and young women answers.

And so can God.

And today he did...
After my simple short prayer, a song kept popping in my head.

A song I heard a few yrs ago when I was in the YW presidency and it was the theme for that year.
But I couldn't get it out of my head.
So I'm going to post it here while I'm still thinking about it and then I'll have the chance to really ponder on the words later.
Today, this song is the answer to my prayer.
Thank You Heavenly Father.
Thank You

Do you wonder if He knows who you are?
Do you wonder if He knows the secret pleadings of your heart
He has numbered every sand of the sea
And he longs for you to know that He believes in you

Can you feel a quiet power from above?
Can you feel His strength surround you when your own is not enough?
He has blessed you with his spirit from on high
And He longs for you to know it lives inside of you

Oh, be true –

Daughter of a king,
the Father’s royalty
their to His divinity
He’s calling your name
to come and take your place before His throne
He has always known
what he created you to be
A daughter of a king
You hold the promises of all eternity
Rise to claim the noble birthright you were sent here to receive
He has loved you since you lived with Him before
Let Him lead you to the gifts He has in store for you
Oh, be true –
Daughter of a king,
the Father’s royalty
heir to His divinity
He’s calling your name
to come and take your place before His throne
He has always known
what he created you to be
Father’s royalty
heirs to His divinity
He’s calling our names
to come and take our place before His throne
He has always known
what He created us to be

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day 4- Day at Sea

Day 4- day at sea

Oh sad sad day... Our last day of our cruise vacation! We slept in this morning but (I want to insert unfortunately here but can't in good conscience being a parent of 2 of these types) our state room is right next to one with a bunch of kiddos so we didn't get to sleep as late as we could have.
That's ok tho because we did make it to breakfast buffet. After eating more than a third world country does in a week, we changed into our cruise uniforms -swimsuits- and went to enjoy the sun.
Beautiful beautiful day but I have to say, the sun enjoyed us more than we did it. Even after applying what we thought was plenty of sunscreen, we still managed to get burned more in that 1.5hrs than we did the last 3days! Because my spray tan has faded (yes my friends... I stood naked in a booth while getting randomly sprayed by a machine- think Ross Gellar but I remembered to turn), I really want some extra color on this sparkling white skin. Well we both got that! A lovely shade of red...but so much better than last year!

Anywho at lunch we finally we realized a sad sad truth. There is such thing as TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!! I have gained back every lost pound and then some! And here's a little tmi for you..... For one reason or another (- blame the Bahama water), this stuff keeps going in but nothing is coming out!!!!! Ugh!!! But the food. Oh the food. Its endless! Limitless! Not so great but you can eat all day long and not pay a darn thing! So we do because we can. Apparently not w/out a price! But then we took a much needed nap because that sun was brutal!

(gotta drink my diet coke in style!)

We went to the closing show which was the same as last year but just as great w/the boat singers and dancers. Except there's this one white guy dancer who just creeped me out. Like he didn't have a dancer body and he sweated and just looked so awkward. It was so hard to watch. But we got through it and I have to admit I got a little emotional. This trip was and is very important to us. We've had a rough year in our family and marriage and within my own self so this was a fresh start and a renewal of our love and commitment and speaking for myself, the time together was the right medicine to get us back on track- as individuals, as a couple and as parents (oh how we desperately miss our kids!!!).
I realized that I have hanging arms. Its all these days of lounging around in tanktops and what not. I once had a little muscle- not they have all fallen down. Joys of getting old and getting fat I guess. I found myself getting quite down about it. I mean I see other things growing... Does it really have to be my arms too? But then I thought that getting upset really isn't going to change a darn thing. Its just too easy to find myself getting into that darn rutt of feeling sorry for myself- something I really need to work on. But that's a whole nother blog post!
So back to the cruise... After we watched the beautiful sun set...

We got to watch a comedian named Phil Palisal (or whatever his last name is). Guess he was on last comedy standing. Funny guy- we went to the "adult" show and my ears!!!!! But of course we laughed cuz that's how I roll! But really-he was hilarious. And it was fun to watch the drunk people crackin up. Oh how drunk people get on these things let me tell you!!!

And that sadly ends day 4. The last day of our island paradise! But we definately have decided we're vacation people. However our vacation isn't over yet! We still get 3 days at universal studios with the kids!!!!!

Cruise 2010- Day 3 Nassau

Day 3- Nassau

Last year, we didn't do anything at Nassau but wander and we didn't love it very much so this year, we decided to book an excursion or tour to keep us busy for awhile.

We got up and out of the ship by 845 and took a 25min boat ride to Blackbeards Cove to go snorkeling with the stingrays!!! Holy crap that was awesome!!! Those things are so scary and so cool! They clip their stingers twice a year so we didn't have to fear a Jeff Erwin tragedy. We got into a netted off part of the ocean with snorkel masks and swam with them! Then we were given disgusting little fish to hold and to feel to them. PS- if you don't let go, those little bugars bite! But it was so cool to feel them sucking the fish out of our hands. And they're slimy but thick and cold if that makes sense. The guide picked out up and we were able to pet it. Soooo fun!!!

After Blackbeards we had lunch at Sbarros of all places...

Then off to walk around the main area and do some shopping. Nassau definately is a mixed place. We wandered the not so lovely area.

And again walked through the begging for money... I mean Straw Market. I was so proud of myself for restraining. I found a knock off Dolce & Gabbana bag that I had to have and talked this lady down from 65 to 36!

She wasn't happy abt it but hey- its a sale! I love it though!

Jon took some shots of Nassau from the boat and you know- it's a pretty cool looking place...

Then on to the boat for another "snack". We also watched this super cool card trick guy named Carl Andrews- he was stinkin awesome! Dinner sucked but it was just Jon and I ate our table... Normally its 2 other couples. A very not friendly one that will only drink thru straws and speak french and creole and I know they're talking abt us. And the other is a young couple that I swear made up their own fantasy life. She has to be 24 and supposedly is a practicing ob/gyn and he does "something with phones". Their stories don't add up but whatever works. Anyways they were there so it was a great time for Jon and I to talk over crappy food. More deep soul searching talking that we need to do more often.

Then we set sail at 1130 with a party in the pool deck which was cool. A HUGE fancy food buffet!!! One thing I learned on cruises tho....the food looks better than it tastes!!! But we didn't stay to party- we're old and came back to our closet to sleep!

And for fun, I got an airbrushed tattoo.. kind of a trial to see if I'd actually like it before I get a real one. And I do...