Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cruise 2010- Day 3 Nassau

Day 3- Nassau

Last year, we didn't do anything at Nassau but wander and we didn't love it very much so this year, we decided to book an excursion or tour to keep us busy for awhile.

We got up and out of the ship by 845 and took a 25min boat ride to Blackbeards Cove to go snorkeling with the stingrays!!! Holy crap that was awesome!!! Those things are so scary and so cool! They clip their stingers twice a year so we didn't have to fear a Jeff Erwin tragedy. We got into a netted off part of the ocean with snorkel masks and swam with them! Then we were given disgusting little fish to hold and to feel to them. PS- if you don't let go, those little bugars bite! But it was so cool to feel them sucking the fish out of our hands. And they're slimy but thick and cold if that makes sense. The guide picked out up and we were able to pet it. Soooo fun!!!

After Blackbeards we had lunch at Sbarros of all places...

Then off to walk around the main area and do some shopping. Nassau definately is a mixed place. We wandered the not so lovely area.

And again walked through the begging for money... I mean Straw Market. I was so proud of myself for restraining. I found a knock off Dolce & Gabbana bag that I had to have and talked this lady down from 65 to 36!

She wasn't happy abt it but hey- its a sale! I love it though!

Jon took some shots of Nassau from the boat and you know- it's a pretty cool looking place...

Then on to the boat for another "snack". We also watched this super cool card trick guy named Carl Andrews- he was stinkin awesome! Dinner sucked but it was just Jon and I ate our table... Normally its 2 other couples. A very not friendly one that will only drink thru straws and speak french and creole and I know they're talking abt us. And the other is a young couple that I swear made up their own fantasy life. She has to be 24 and supposedly is a practicing ob/gyn and he does "something with phones". Their stories don't add up but whatever works. Anyways they were there so it was a great time for Jon and I to talk over crappy food. More deep soul searching talking that we need to do more often.

Then we set sail at 1130 with a party in the pool deck which was cool. A HUGE fancy food buffet!!! One thing I learned on cruises tho....the food looks better than it tastes!!! But we didn't stay to party- we're old and came back to our closet to sleep!

And for fun, I got an airbrushed tattoo.. kind of a trial to see if I'd actually like it before I get a real one. And I do...

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