Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day 4- Day at Sea

Day 4- day at sea

Oh sad sad day... Our last day of our cruise vacation! We slept in this morning but (I want to insert unfortunately here but can't in good conscience being a parent of 2 of these types) our state room is right next to one with a bunch of kiddos so we didn't get to sleep as late as we could have.
That's ok tho because we did make it to breakfast buffet. After eating more than a third world country does in a week, we changed into our cruise uniforms -swimsuits- and went to enjoy the sun.
Beautiful beautiful day but I have to say, the sun enjoyed us more than we did it. Even after applying what we thought was plenty of sunscreen, we still managed to get burned more in that 1.5hrs than we did the last 3days! Because my spray tan has faded (yes my friends... I stood naked in a booth while getting randomly sprayed by a machine- think Ross Gellar but I remembered to turn), I really want some extra color on this sparkling white skin. Well we both got that! A lovely shade of red...but so much better than last year!

Anywho at lunch we finally we realized a sad sad truth. There is such thing as TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!! I have gained back every lost pound and then some! And here's a little tmi for you..... For one reason or another (- blame the Bahama water), this stuff keeps going in but nothing is coming out!!!!! Ugh!!! But the food. Oh the food. Its endless! Limitless! Not so great but you can eat all day long and not pay a darn thing! So we do because we can. Apparently not w/out a price! But then we took a much needed nap because that sun was brutal!

(gotta drink my diet coke in style!)

We went to the closing show which was the same as last year but just as great w/the boat singers and dancers. Except there's this one white guy dancer who just creeped me out. Like he didn't have a dancer body and he sweated and just looked so awkward. It was so hard to watch. But we got through it and I have to admit I got a little emotional. This trip was and is very important to us. We've had a rough year in our family and marriage and within my own self so this was a fresh start and a renewal of our love and commitment and speaking for myself, the time together was the right medicine to get us back on track- as individuals, as a couple and as parents (oh how we desperately miss our kids!!!).
I realized that I have hanging arms. Its all these days of lounging around in tanktops and what not. I once had a little muscle- not they have all fallen down. Joys of getting old and getting fat I guess. I found myself getting quite down about it. I mean I see other things growing... Does it really have to be my arms too? But then I thought that getting upset really isn't going to change a darn thing. Its just too easy to find myself getting into that darn rutt of feeling sorry for myself- something I really need to work on. But that's a whole nother blog post!
So back to the cruise... After we watched the beautiful sun set...

We got to watch a comedian named Phil Palisal (or whatever his last name is). Guess he was on last comedy standing. Funny guy- we went to the "adult" show and my ears!!!!! But of course we laughed cuz that's how I roll! But really-he was hilarious. And it was fun to watch the drunk people crackin up. Oh how drunk people get on these things let me tell you!!!

And that sadly ends day 4. The last day of our island paradise! But we definately have decided we're vacation people. However our vacation isn't over yet! We still get 3 days at universal studios with the kids!!!!!

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