Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cruise 2010- Day 1 and 2

Since we don't have internet connection at this moment, I'm trying to document this on my blackberry and hopefully I can transfer it over.

We decided to divide the tip to Mims,FL where Peggy lives into 2 trips. Sat we drove to Macon, ga and stayed in the courthouse by marriot. Sun we played in the pool and relaxed before we headed to FL. Abt 30-45min outside of macon, I realized I forgot our passport and cruise documents in the hotel so back we went. Needless to say, we didn't get to Peggys until 8pm.

Baby Jonah warmed up to the kids right away. Dang cute kid I must say. My kiddos love him!

So day1 of cruise 2010.....
Not much to say other than our room is small and there's plenty of space to lay out at the pool!

So first thing when we got our luggage and the ship set sail was change into our suits and hang out on the pool deck and just enjoy the excitement.

We watched a little of a comedian (not so funny) and then sat at our 830 time slot table for dinner. It was so-so but with room service looming over us, we weren't too worried.
We also got to sit under the stars at the very top of the ship and just talk. We tend to do our deep talking in the dark and quiet. It was perfect!

Day 2... CocoCay
Slept til 830! Wow!!! Freakin captain woke us up. But that's ok bcuz we knew what awaits..... The breakfast buffet!

Then off to get on the boat that takes us to the beautiful island of Cococay! It truely is beautiful. The waters in the Bahamas is breathtaking. Gorgeous shades of blue and aquamarine. It was a tad overcast which was perfect!

Thanks to Peggy loaning us some snorkel gear, we only had to pay $21 for the rest.

So we spent a good part of the day snorkeling. That was infreakincredible!!! After getting over the not breathing thru my nose part and the not pulling out the snorkel underwater. Some of the fish are almost clear and the others are so vibrant in color! And Jon and I did it together. He never left my side- always making sure I was with him and seeing the cool things he sees and visa versa. That was special. We also of course got our yummmmmmmy Coco-Loco drink (w/out rum of course).

We made it back to the boat around 4, had a snack (seriously- the snack was more like a full-on meal) and then took a little nap. Dinner was formal night so we got all dressed up although I hated my dress! it didn't look like that in the store- all those darn "snacks".

Then we watched a little musical show and crashed for the night.


Kris said...

I'm sorry- I just can't get past the "slept 'till 8:30" & the "infreakincredible snorkeling." I'm just stuck on those phrases. Dare to dream.....

I am so freakin' jealous that I want to cry a little. I'm glad it was great for you! Lookin' great, hot stuff!

Meredith said...

You guys look great! I love cruises and will have to talk Travis into going on one of these days.

Makin Baby said...

Do I hate you right now? Yes, yes I do!