Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is me..

we're back! Lots to blog on but that will come later.
I saw a sign in Nassau that really struck me.

I really relate to this!
I think we all can.....

Sometimes (and please keep in mind, I'm only saying SOMETIMES)
I feel like that nerd in HS..
you know the one who's so smart that everyone wants to be their friend because they'll help with homework and give all the answers and do everything they can to fit it, etc.
But they're also are the ones that will never get invited to the parties or prom or even to sit at lunch tables. The ones who are only pals when they are needed.

Eventually though the nerd catches on and starts saying no.

Sometimes I really don't mind being the nerd.

But I also am starting to "dumb up".

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