Monday, November 9, 2009

Trunk or Treat- Smith Springs Ward

Okay so I uploaded these pictures a little backwards but at least you'll get the jist of the party.
We had a great time at the wards trunk or treat! We all dressed up this yr! Reese is obsessed these days with Star Wars. Everything is about Star Wars. So we played on that this yr with Reese as OF COURSE Darth Vader (no masks.. bummer) and Rielly as Princess Leah. They were perfect!! Jon and I also dressed up. A group of couples from the ward decided to dress as characters from our favorite show, The Office. There's no doubt you'll know who we were!

Allison, Alison and myself! Timber and I

My Halloween family!!!

Have you figured it out yet???

Jack and Susanne Hawkins as Dwight and Merideth

The Office crew... Andy, Pam, Jim, Merideth, Phylis, Kevin, Angela, Dwight, Kelly and Ryan

Tim and Jon (or Jim and Kevin-- the wedding episode)

Me and Susie

My perfect Princess Leah

Since he couldn't wear a mask, we had him make his best Darth face! Pretty good huh? He even had the red light saber!

Buns and all!!

Check out the shoes!!!

What a great sport I have!!!

And just for fun- me and my honey!


Kris said...

I have to say, I don't watch the Office, but you guys all look awesome! Reilly looks AMAZING as Princess Leia. I totally want Emma to be that for Halloween next year.

But nothing beats Reilly's bum picture in the previous post. SO CUTE!!

Kenningtons said...

Cute idea for costumes!!! I knew exactly who Jon was as soon as I saw the pic of the two of you together with him wearing the kleenex box shoes. SO FUNNY!!!

burkfamily1 said...

good job on those costumes!

tenney_fam said...

Looks like fun!. Don't you just love the kid crack shots. Those are the best. Keep it and that will make a good black mail picture in a few years!

Allatoona Primary Presidency said...

What a fun Halloween! You guys should submit those photos to NBC in case they ever need replacement or doubles. You guys look amazing!