Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First tooth..gone

Big thing in our house.... well big for us. Our 5 yr old lost his first tooth!!! I can't believe my kid is old enough to be loosing teeth!! Where is time going?!?! And now he's going into Kindergarten?

He's had these 2 bottom teeth loose for awhile but he's been kinda scared to loose them. But one of them kept getting looser and looser and for several days Jon tried to pull it but Reese would freak out and they would stop. Plus that sucker was rooted in so good we were afraid it would be a problem. Monday night it seriously was hanging by a thread.. the tooth was turned sideways and we knew if it stayed in, he would end up swallowing it in his sleep. I am so squeemish about that kind of stuff so when Jon got ready to try again to pull it, I closed my eyes tight and held on to Reeses hand.. probably tighter than he was squeezing on to mine. And in a few seconds and no whining this time, it was out!!! Can I just tell you how stinkin excited he was?!?!?! He wanted to call everyone and tell them (and he did the next day).

You can't really tell in this picture but I LOVVVVVVEEE his smile!!!

The hole!

His new smile.. at least until the next one comes out:)

The tooth fairy did come that night and brought him 2 quarters which he then turned around the next day and bought a candy bar (so more teeth can rot and fall out?? huh).


Vanessa said...

I remember losing my teeth and hating the concept. I didn't like it being loose, and I didn't like feeling the hole. I like my teeth right where they need to be. And I laughed at the candy comment when I read it.

Jill said...

I get so squimish about that stuff too. When lorin lost both her bottom teeth and It was so hard to hide it. But she just loves her hole in her mouth too.

Kris said...

I hate the whole losing teeth thing. I lost all 4 of my front teeth at the same time, and I hated it! I was also one of those kids that let their teeth hang on until they literally fell out of my mouth with no pulling whatsoever. Hopefully it'll be a while before I get to experience this.