Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jon Schmidt

A mom of one of my piano students gave the family tickets last Saturday to go see Jon Schmidt at a fundrasier for the Woodstock HS music dept. I had never heard of this fella before but after looking up his website and asking around, it looked rather entertaining. He's a pianist but he's writes or rearranges his own music and it is SO fun to watch. We went and the kids even loved it! I guess he's a pretty big thing in Utah (LDS of course). He plays upside down, turned around, with his head, etc. It was so funny! And the cool thing was that is so nice! Afterwards the host family invited us over to their house for dessert so I went and he showed up and just sat and had cake and enjoyed the company. Before he left, he played some more songs on their piano including "All of Me" and "Waterfall". So people- I am sold! I bought his hymns piano book and downloaded a few of his songs on his website so I can learn to play them. I have a feeling several of my piano students are going to want to learn so I figure I better know how to play them first.

Anyways here's a few pics of the guy playing the piano afterwards.

I kid you not people.. he is the best pianist I have heard in a long time! Flawless!!!

Here's a video I took of him playing Waterfall (I think). Not the best but I'm glad I got it! Don't forget to turn off my darn music player at the bottom.

And this is the worst and fattest picture I have ever taken but heck.. we outta send it to Oprah as my "before picture". But this is Chaylee (my oldest piano student), Jon Schmidt and myself.

And here's a fun one-- Jon cleaning our bathroom as my Mothers Day present. What an awesome husband I have!!!

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