Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Break (a little late)

This is a little overdue but I just wanted to share something fun that we have here in GA that I've never heard of before moving here. A big room full of bounce houses!!! Over spring break, my friend and I took our kids there to play and my kiddos had a blast! The pictures speak for themselves!!

That same week some friends and I took our kids to Cagles dairy- a milking barn cllose by in Canton. They give a tour of the dairy, show the kids how to milk the cows than how they process and pasturize and all that good stuff. We also went on a hayride and got to see cows up close and then feed them. It was a cute trip and the kids really enjoyed it.

Rielly with the milking man!

The kids on the hay ride!

Loving them cows!

Feeding the goats!

don't you love when you take a super cute picture and then find out there's a butt in the background?

And then we got to play with the baby calves!

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MamaGuymon said...

I can't get over how much your son favors you! It's incredible! Such beautiful kiddos!!!