Sunday, May 4, 2008

Teachers Appreciation Week-- day 1 and 2

Being a stay home mom, it doesn't take much to keep me entertained or busy. So I've been learning to take joy in the little things. Like crafting! So this week is teacher appreciation week at Reese's school. While I'm not overly thrilled with the teachers and the school, they have been part of his life all these months and I really do need to thank them for loving my son. So rather than spending too much money, I thought for a few days, I'll make them little things and start using some of my many many MANY scrapbook supplies.. these are pictures of just a little of my mass chaos and confusion and unorganization-

And my many stamps-- yikes!! Although to any other stampin addict, this may not be that many!

Okay okay back to the origional reason for posting this blog. I just wanted to share a picture or two of the first 2 days of teacher appreciation. Day 1 is cards and day 2 is flowers. So I made 2 different cards- one out of the elementary essentials set and the other with the tart and tangy set using the chalk board technique.

And day 2 is flowers.. bought or picked. Well if people abide by that guideline, I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of flowers! So I thought I'd do something a little different and make some flowers. So I made a little box out of a 5X5 piece of cardstock and decorated it in some designer paper and then I used my scallop punch to make flowers and adhere them to each side of york peppermint patties. Fun huh???
Stay tuned for day 3 and 4... day 5 is just going to be some beer bread or something:)

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Misti said...

So, is this a ploy for teachers to get gifts that they want? I have heard of Teacher Appreciation Day but never a whole week with a list of themes for each day. Funny-kind of makes me want to be a teacher in GA but I'd have "money day" and "new car day" and "pay off your teachers mortgage day"!!! Seriously-cute ideas, though.