Monday, May 5, 2008

7yrs ago today

Wow I can't believe it's been 7yrs already! 7yrs ago today, I went through the temple for the first time to receive my endowments to go on a mission. Jon and I were together at the time and trying to decide what to do.. should I go on a mission or should we get married. I had told him that if he did propose, of course I wouldn't go on a mission but in the meantime, I didn't want to sit around and wait. So he drove down from California and I went to the temple. I don't remember a lot but it was exciting. Jon got to sit across from me where normally my dad would go so that was sweet. My dad sat right next to him. So that was a big day for me even if that was the only thing that happened. However 7yrs ago today, Jon proposed to me as well! We were in the celetial room and everyone had cleared out except my mom since she was my escort and Jon sat next to me and pulled out a ring and said "will you be my eternal companion?". The dude had the ring in his pocket the whole time!! So anyways I said yes obviously. So Happy Engagement Anniversary babe! He had no clue what he was getting himself into!!

This picture was taken sometime between our engagement and our wedding in Solvang, CA

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Kayleen, Isaac, & Dylan said...

How funny! It is funny how fast time flies!