Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Strep is among us

Reese started to feel kinda sick on Sunday.. runny nose and just yuck. So we thought it was a cold and Jon took him home. He was running a fever and just sluggish and then Rielly started getting a cough and runny nose. So I figured I might as well take them to the dr since it's that time of yr (summer coming.. why not get sick right?). I knew at least one of the had strep throat. Who would have thought they BOTH have it!! Ugggggggg

Luckily Publix has amoxicillan for free so that took care of that. But I ask you- do these look like the faces of 2 sickos waiting for their meds?

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jc said...

That seams about right. Our kids would be just getting over the cold. When ever Christian get sick(no matter what it is) he has this cough of death. I really think he's going to get asthma when he's older, mike had it as a kid, and so he's got that cough. It's so much fun