Friday, May 23, 2008


We decided to try another sport with Reese since soccer wasn't his favorite thing to do. So we signed him up for t-ball at the TLC church. While he won't be getting into the major league anytime soon, we sure hope he enjoyed himself. The thing with Reese is he's so easily distracted. But he did try and I think he would like to do it again.. at least we hope. Here's some shots of him at his very last t-ball game!

Since it was at a church, they prayed before every game!

Up to bat! (like the guy behind him? He's a big church guy but he was wearing a short skull shirt)

I caught him off guard as he got to 1st base!

Taking off to run the bases!!

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jc said...

How cute!! We are so looking forward to singing Christian up for anything that will let him run around. He has so much energy and really needs to get it out.