Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reeses Birthday Party

It seems hard to please kids when they hit a certain age. My kids have passed Nick show characters and princess obsessions so we've hit the time that in order to have a successful party, we need to be creative!
With that being said, I was not so creative with Reese's birthday party this yr. Okay maybe a little...
He had a movie night party. All the kids were sent a movie ticket inviting them to our "theater" (big screen).
At the party, the first thing we did was play a trivia game boys against girls where they had to answer movie questions and for each answer correct, the kids got a ticket. They loved having to work together and getting tickets. Then they were able to use the tickets to buy snacks for the movies. I gave them bags and they filled them with whatever snacks they could afford.
Reese chose The Neverending Story.
Most of the kids enjoyed it.. a few not so much but that's why I put the name of the movie and the rating on the ticket.
They also got popcorn cups full of popcorn. Imagine 13kids in my living room with 13 big cups of popcorn. Yeah it was CRAZY!!!
After the movie, we had nachos and hotdogs and after he opened his gifts,
they ate cake. Well kinda cake...:)
And lastly before time to go home... FREEZE DANCE!!!
And I sent them home full of sugar and happy!


Wendy said...

What a fun, cool idea!!!

Kenningtons said...

So FUN!!! I totally wish I was invited to this party! Very clever, Shannon.

Kris said...

Uh, I'm thinkin' you're a seriously good mom! That looks like a super fun party- I might have to try that for one of my kiddos.