Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And we're moved!!!!

It's been a busy last 2 weeks!!!!!

Here's a run down:

*kids day camp tues and thurs
*kids swim lessons tues and thurs
*a/c went out on van- kinda expensive
*went to GA to fix yard at our house there.. come to find out vandals had broken one of our glass doors (double paned luckily) and ripped off boards off the deck. And the lawn guy stopped coming long before we knew he did... so the yard was crazy and since we lived on a hill, took 5hours to mow! Awful day that was.
*4th of July!
*pack to move
*move into a HOUSE! (we are SOOOO not apartment people)
*clean apartment (still working on that)
*unpack house (really still working on that)
*still haven't sold GA house
*trying to find time to work on this marathon biz

And now to the present!

Life is good.. I got a piano the day after we moved in. Growing up in a musical family, a piano just was always there. So to me, I don't feel at home w/out one.
So our home is complete for now. Another little addition would be nice but for now, we are good.

I have a scrapbook room again too!!!! And the kids have their own room. And our master bedroom is huge. And it just seems like after such a run of crummy luck lately, we are on a roll to bigger and better things!

Hope you all are well!!!


The Youngs said...

Busy woman! I want to see pictures of the new place when things settle down some! :)

tenney_fam said...

Sounds like a busy summer! I hate moving but I guess a house is better than an apartment any day!

Kris said...

I am so happy that you have some space to breathe & stretch your legs. Apartments suck.

And a piano? WOW!!! I'm doing a happy dance for my musical friend. I spent many hours in your house doing piano lessons with your mom, I'm happy you have one in your home now.


Christine said...

Congrats! I hope it all works out great. Sounds like things went well, and I'm glad. :)

Christy Jett said...

Sounds like things are going well! So glad for you guys :)