Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

He would be 64yrs old today! Can't believe he's been gone 4 yrs now. Wow have things changed too!!!
I can just say I wish he was here to celebrate.
Then this past yr wouldn't have been so difficult and so full of change in our family... not necessarily for the better either. I don't think so anyways.

So Happy Birthday Pops!
I'll bring you some flowers when I come in November.
Be on the lookout for the kids cards we're sending to ya today!
They miss you too!

You are surely missed!!!!!!

Love you forever!!

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KK & Company said...

You are so cute to remember and celebrate. My dad has been gone 17 years now. I try to remember his day, but it gets harder and harder. Never forget it.

Love ya girl!