Monday, February 17, 2014


So about 2 weeks ago, I was cruising around online and drooling over new homes in the area.
We have been wanting to buy a home for awhile but because of our short sale several years ago, we just weren't sure it was a good time.
 But the more we looked at these houses, we thought looking what is the harm in just looking??

So we lucked out on getting this amazing real estate agent Amy K.(if you're looking for one in the Nashville area, she is a must!) and started checking out homes in Smyrna.
Nothing was doing it for us.

So after branching out into Murfreesboro and a dozen or two houses later, we stumbled on this house that had everything we wanted!
From the outside, we weren't too impressed right away because of how close the houses are together. But completely wow'd when we went in.

Hardwood floors, like new carpet, stainless steel INCLUDED appliances, great paint colors and in AMAZING condition!
Plus the size is perfect!
And the schools are a 10!

But then Amy tells us the house already had a bid that was being submitted that day!
We honestly had no intentions of putting an offer in yet since we really didn't want to pull the kids out of school in the middle of the year.
But then we didn't want to lose the chance. And what harm would it be to give the other buyers a little competition. Honestly though because we couldn't close right away, we really didn't think we stood a chance.

They accepted!!
Of course we are having to close much earlier than we wanted.
But we'll just have 2 houses until schools out.

Thank goodness having 2 months without a mortgage payment!
So now we wait.

But here is our house...if all goes well! I just wish it was my decor too!!!

Rec Room upstairs

Office but will also be our piano room

HUGE walkin closets

Kids bathroom

Very nice hardwood floors

Dining room

Guest full bathroom

Master bathroom


Laundry room

Living room

Backyard (we'll be having a fence installed)

Master bedroom... I want their furniture!!

Master Bedroom closet.... this pic shows about half the size.  HUGE!


Entry Way

Upstairs hall

So there we have it.  We'll be moving in end of May...anyone want to come visit?!?!?!


Cait said...

I want to visit! Congratulations!

Kenningtons said...

Me me me!! Choose me!! Seriously!? Your house is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!! I'm excited for house updates.