Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday Reese was complaining about his teeth hurting at school so that prompted me to get in gear and get them to the dentist. So I called on my way to piano lessons yesterday and got them an appt for this morning at 8:30. It was nice because they were able to get both kids in at the same time. Rielly was so excited- this being her first appt and all. Reese always was great at his appts and Rielly really paid attention to that. The wait wasn't terrible and at the pediatric dentist, they have so much to entertain the kids that they had fun. Both kids did awesome! No complaining or anything and did everything they were asked to! This is what gets me.. I will admit I'm not so good with Riellys teeth. A lot of times, I leave it to her to do it which is bad since she's still little. But guess what?? Not one cavity or decay or anything (just like her daddy)!!! What a relief!!!
Reese was another story:( He is much better at keeping up on brushing and would you believe he has a mouthful of problems!!! He has to have 3crowns I think and a few fillings. I don't get it. He totally has my teeth! So out of pocket, it's going to cost close to $650 for teeth that will have fallen out in a few yrs anyways. Poor kid. But it's not for the lack of trying- he just has my expensive dental curse. I wonder how many cars we'll be buying for these people by the time all his baby teeth come out? I know myself, I put my dentists children through college!
I am just proud of my kids-- I am so glad they don't freak out with the dentist. They're tough cookies that's for sure!

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Melissa said...

It might get better with age. Tristan's mouth has cost us over 10 grand. (from the time he was 2) He doesn't have cavities anymore. Or any other problems needing dental surgery! YIPPEE. He will need a second round of braces in a few years. I am very thankful for dental insurance now.