Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been awhile

I just wanted to let all my 2 readers that I'm still alive!!! I need to sit down and play catch up but for now, just know we're still here and doing great!! So no news is good news right???


Kris said...

Hey- am I one of your 2 readers? I have missed you!

Shannon Harris said...

hahah Kris.. you may be my ONLY;) lol. Yup you are one of my faithful few! That's why I love ya!

Kenningtons said...

Not true, Shan (about Kirs being your only reader)!! I am TOTALLY a follower of your blog! I was actually starting to wonder what was going on with you but then I reminded myself that I don't always keep up on my blogging so maybe you were just taking a break for a time. Glad to know you are back in the blogging world and all is well!

p.s. Did I ever tell you to COME TO NYC for a visit?!!! If not,.... COME TO NYC!!!!

Libby said...

I'm a Harris family reader, too! I just don't comment as often as I should.
It is so fun to see my little nursery kids growing up. Kind of sad, though, too.