Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Go away sickness!!!

Im getting ready to take Rielly to the dr. Poor kid has had a UTI for the last 2 days and last night started getting stomache pain and now has a 103 fever and throwing up everything! My poor baby!!!
So I fear it's a kidney infection but I'll update when we get back.

**update** turns out she did have a kidney infection and was pretty darn sick:( Her temp got as high as 104.3 and went almost 2 days without eating. Today seems to be so much better thank goodness!!!


burkfamily1 said...

Poor girl! I hope she's fine!

Christy Jett said...

Get Well Soon Riley!! HUGS

Kenningtons said...

OH NO!!!! Poor girl! I'll bet Kris can relate and probably has some words of wisdom. I sure hope she gets better soon and that it is something serious!