Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My brothers tribute

He pretty much rocks for this (and I'll admit a few other things as well but don't tell him that..)

This isn't your ordinary eagle with a name... it has a lot of meaning to it. First the eagle- my dad collected them. Or well we collected them for him but he liked eagles. And the flag- he was in the navy for 20yrs (and my brother recently joined the military as well). And then the name... That is copy of my dads actual signature.. it's amazing! I love it!!!

I'd salute it!


burkfamily1 said...

Are you "Shans" who has commented a few times on my blog? I wasn't sure and just wondered if that was you logged in differently. If so, thanks for the lovely comments. :)
That is quite something! It's neat that the signature worked out so nice!

Shannon Harris said...

Yup.. it's me. Sometimes Im just too lazy to log out of my gmail account so Shannon or Shans.. all one in the same;)

Kris said...

I saw a pic of that on Facebook. AWESOME!