Friday, September 4, 2009

Let them be little

And little they were because I doubt adults would do this... although it looked tempting!

Reese made real good friends with a boy a few buildings down so we all decided to meet up at the apartment playground yesterday- me with my 2 and our new friends. It started out innocently enough.. until their mom got the hose to the carwash!!! It had rained a ton that day already so there were mud puddles. Let me tell you- the kids were in heaven and it just wasn't worth not letting them have their MESSY fun!!!

And the spraying begins!

Reese and his buddy JW having a dirty puddle water fight

That smile just tells it all!!!

(Im still finding pieces of something in her hair even after a long shower and washing!- and the uni-brow did come off)


Kris said...

All I can say is WOW!!! I'm glad I'm not the only mommy that likes to let her kids get disgustingly dirty. That's when they have the most fun!

Amanda said...

Shoot! That looks like fun! Let me knew next time yall play in the mud :)