Friday, September 25, 2009

A whole lot of... nothing!!

Im sorry I haven't posted much lately. I'm just trying to tread water. There hasn't been much going on around here. There was lots of flooding in GA where we used to live. That was pretty nutty!
Atlanta under water!

This is the 575 freeway close to our house

And Towne Lake pkwy..we couldn't have gone home if we tried!!
The good news is our house stayed dry! We were blessed since there was quite a bit of basements flooding and houses leaking in the area. That may have put a damper on the saleing process for us.

Speaking of saleing our home.. we haven't yet:( Lots of showings though. But no bites darn it! Please .. someone buy our house!!

Sadly though there's a house down the street thats has nicer wall colors and for sale listed at $2000 less. Darn it!

Thats about it folks. Like I said- a whole lot of nothing!!! Hope everyone is doing well and ready for the weekend! I am... SLEEPING IN!!!


feathersky said...

oh my gosh!!! Your old house is so beautiful! Good luck!!!

That flooding is crazy! I'm glad your house is safe! Hopefully its not your house much longer!

Kenningtons said...

Your house is darling!!! I can't believe no one has had the right mind to snatch it up! Crazy about all the flooding.