Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walk Through Bethlehem

For the last several yrs since moving to the south, we have made a tradition of going to the city of Bethlehem to relive the life back in the day of Christs birth.

We were thrilled to find out that Nashville also had one! So this past Sunday we were able to take a Walk Through Bethlehem!

Each December here in Nashville, the Woodmont Christian Church fills its south lawn with sheep and hay. Their southeastern courtyard is filled with goats and camels. The wooden floor of the gym is covered in four inches of mulch. Woodmonts members put on costumes and full body makeup, the churchs lower floor coverts completely to a representation of First Century of Ancient Isreal on the night of the birth of Jesus.

The kids absolutely love it! It was so exciting to be able to watch them walk through Bethlehem and enjoy all the sights, sounds and tastes of those times so long ago! All the children got a doll that was made for the children back then and Reese learned how to write his name in Hebrew. We saw how wine was made and olives crushes for olive oil and bread was made, how brass was polished and how baskets were weaved. They also heard the story of how the savior was born and had to search through Bethlehem to find the baby. And they took that mission very seriously!!!
This was a wonderful way to feel the true spirit of Christmas that I fear I have been lacking! To see the excitement of the baby Jesus really pulls me out of the hussle and rutt of Christmas shopping and stress and into what the season is really all about!

I have to apologize about the darkness and quality of the pictures. I took them on a lower resolution with my blackberry because I don't have the sd card for it yet and without it, I only have a limited number of pictures I can take. Lesson learned!

On our way to Bethlehem!
Rielly is holding a soldiers shield that is as big as her!!

The excited kiddos standing in front of a fruit stand in the city

Reese and his shield.. he'll need one to fight off Darth Vader!!

They found the baby Jesus!!!

Not sure what they were doing.. I think they were looking at big ol smelly fish!


burkfamily1 said...

That is really neat! A few times Jeremy and I have been to what the locals call "A Night in Bethlehem." They give you fake money to buy food and play games. The food isn't what the kids are used to and they don't give you enough money to buy enough food to get full. And they try too hard to make it cool. We've been disappointed and hungry every time and have sworn to never go to another one ever. But it sounds like yours is awesome! Glad you had a great time. :)

Kenningtons said...

What a neat family tradition! I need to see if something like that exists over in my neck of the woods.

Kris said...

That looks amazing! Maybe next year we'll have to come visit just in time to see that!