Monday, January 25, 2010

Best date ever!!!!

One thing about my husband and I... I'm the planner and worrier and Jon is very go with the flow and very laid back. So for the past 8.5yrs, I've pretty much had the run of what we do on our dates or when or who is going to watch the kids, etc.... So you can imagine my PURE DELIGHT when he agreed to do everything for our date last Friday night. He was gone for 6days so this was much needed.. for me to get away from the kids and for us to spend time together. It was incredible.. perfect from start to finish!!!

Before our date.... I had no clue what we were going to be doing... all I knew was that in was in downtown Nashville. So we were walking by this horse and buggy and the guy gave us his card and Jon says "lets do it"... surprise no. 1. It was sooo cool!!!!! I love Nashville- it's such a magical place for me being such a big fan of country music so to be able to enjoy it like this with my honey-- heaven!

As we were walking to our next place (dinner), I had to stop and get a picture of Elvis for my friend Sarah P who is a big ol Elvis fan!
Dinner was at a yummy resturant called the Old Spaghetti Factory. Very cool!!! Nice, dim, well decorated- pretty romantic!

And then we saw Coyote Ugly!!!! We had to go in! I absolutely loved that movie and Nashville has the very first Coyote Ugly (and probably the origional barstools... yuck). There was no cover so we went to check it out!!!

Very cool! Very smokey too.. we could only stay for so long. But long enough to check out the girls dancing "Devil Went Down to GA" on the bar! YEHAW!!!

A Nashville favorite.. the famous Wildhorse Saloon. Someday I will go in!!!!!

Then Jon took me for a walk on the bridge in downtown. I hate bridges but this was absolutely perfect and of course I felt safe:) It was pretty empty and the view is absolutely breathtaking of Nashville at night!

I LOVE this town!!!!!!!!!!!
The coolest ending to our date was when we were smooching on the bridge, we heard some popping sounds. SO we turned around and there were fireworks going off over the water. Can you just say WOW?!?!?!?! Magical and just perfect! I was with my best friend and eternal companion and it was seriously one of the best nights of our lives! It's all about the little things my friends!
PS- sorry I'm so behind on posting. I have a lot to catch up on....


Kris said...

I was wondering where you've been, but it appears that you've been busy being all lovey-dovey with your hubby-man. Good for you! A date- what's that like? Sigh....

Jonboy said...

Glad you enjoyed it baby :) It WAS a magical night :)

Jonboy said...

ohhh and I totally planned the fireworks... set em off with my blackberry while you were busy ignoring the bridge.

feathersky said...

Fun! :D