Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lotusphere 2010

Hi All.. I know Shannon primarily posts stuff, but it IS the Harris FAMILY blog and Shannon keeps nudging me to, so I figure I'll post something.

I left for a week or so mid January to go to Orlando for a tech conference called Lotusphere. It's mostly work related to my job. I do email admin and support for the Bank of New York Mellon and they run on Lotus Domino. So I've done this every year for the past 6 years but for some reason, this year it was hard to do! I missed Shannon and the kids so much it was almost unbearable! But here's some pics from the happenings:

This is all out of order because the blogger interface SUX soo bear with me...

This is the hotel I stayed at called the Dolphin at Walt Disney World resorts

On the third night I went to a party hosted by RIM the makers of blackberry and they had that painter guy that paints with his hands and brushes while spinning the canvas in like 7 mins to music. This one is of a blackberry obviously

Marylin Monroe.. they actually gave this one away in a raffle.

Mr Obama.. said he did his because he wouldn't give up his blackberry
Heath Ledger's Joker, not the greatest pic but the painting was cool.

The theme for Lotusphere was "Lotus Knows" and I found this on my mirror the 2nd day in.. kind of creepy.

At the Opening General Session they always have a celebrity guest speaker, this year was Willy Shatner!

Yes I was really that close.. got up early. Dude's put on some weight.

There was a welcoming party the first night that was pretty cool.. it was game themed. These were roaming pacman ghosts.
Another ghost... they also had some old school arcade games set up and some wii's with wii sports set up.

They had a bonafide Deloreon there too.. not from Back to the Future.. but still kinda cool!

This was my view from the hotel on the 9th floor.

There was also a party hosted at Disney's Hollywood Studios but it really wasn't that great. They only had 5 attractions open and I had already eaten before then. The areosmith rockin roller coaster was pretty cool though.

The rest of the conference was all boring work talk that isn't really worth putting on here, but I did work.. it wasn't all parties I promise. :)

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