Monday, August 15, 2011

Anniversary weekend

Jon and I celebrated our 10yr anniversary on August 4th. 10 years!! Crazy huh?? We went to a dinner and a movie for our actual date- creative huh? That's because the real date came that weekend.

Gotta love the guy!

A while back Groupon (love it!) had a deal on white water rafing down the Ocoee River and since Jon had never gone before, he went ahead and bought them. So we decided to use them for our anniversary. We booked a hotel in crack of the south Cleveland, TN for Saturday night and rafting on Sunday.
It was a blast!!!
On our way to Cleveland, we stopped in Chatanooga for dinner. I wanted to try some hole in the wall southern dive to eat and that's exactly what we found!
We ate at Bea's Resturaunt. It's like a 60's place in the middle of the ghetto that has never been updated. You eat family style so we sat at a table with another couple and in the middle was a lazy susan... southern buffet that kept being refilled! SOOOO yummy!!!
Then we drove to our hotel- nothing special there and killed time people watching.
Sunday we went rafting. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
We even were thrown out of the raft in one of the rapids... and I mean literally THROWN out! But we survived and would definately do that again!

Perfect way to celebrate 10yrs together!

Pretty wicked spider huh? They used to freak me out... now they just facinate me!

The lodge... it really was a beautiful place


If you ever go down the Ocoee, stop in at Dam Diner... SO AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you honey for an awesome weekend!!!

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Kris said...

Let's see... my 10th was spent with me sick, prego, & my hubby at the Dr with an infected bee sting. Awesome.

I choose yours.