Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ballet? My kids?

Not sure if I had mentioned this before but last school yr, the School of Nashville Ballet gave an incredible opportunity to a few schools in the metro school district to have kids try out for a full yrs scholarship to study ballet.
SO I figured why not?? So I took the kids down to west end and after waiting forever, they took them back to do who knows what ballet folks do and that was that. I never thought they'd get it but A few months later, we get letters saying both kids were accepted. Being the boy that he is, Reese said no but Rielly was and is thrilled!

So next Saturday, Rielly starts ballet "study" here:

Because of the school that it is, they are pretty serious and strict. They produce professionals and expect excellence. No tardys. Complete uniforms. No talking. Etc Etc Etc.
And those things are the least of my concerns!

My fear is how I'm going to turn this:

Into this:

They even gave me a bun kit...
heaven help us all!


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Wow! Congrats on a great opportunity.. and good luck with the bun lol maybe ask some of the other mamas for help.. or watch a lot of youtube videos lol

Kris said...

That is amazing! Good louck with that mass of hair. She'll have one huge ballerina bun!

Kenningtons said...

How exciting for Rielly!!! And yes, that does seem like it is going to be quite a challenge getting all that beautiful, thick hair into a tight bun. Good luck!

jk said...

How's everything going with Rielley and ballet? Hope everything is well with you guys!