Friday, December 30, 2011

1 week Check-up

Went to my one week post op checkup on Wednesday. Everything is healing nicely. Thank goodness!!! I don't know what I was expecting but seeing my foot caused me a lot of anxiety. Maybe because for 30+yrs, I've had the same shape of foot. Sure- parts have grown and shifted but that's all I've known. What I was seeing wasn't my foot! There was no bone bulging out of the side of my toe. I kept saying "this isn't normal". Jon and Dr Knox both said "This IS normal". Needless to say, I went pale and almost passed out looking at it uncovered.
But eventually, I will have a pretty foot!

This is showing the straight cut next to my big toe and the staple that is holding my toe together.

Here's a closeup of the staple.

My lovely swollen bruised bunionless foot.

My new shoe!


Keaven Neely said...

I think your new foot is beautiful... Well... it will be. ;) Love ya

Nashville Canuck said...

You are braver than me!!! Hurray for pretty feet as they will inevitiably lead to pretty shoes :)

Kris said...

That is one beautiful foot! Now all it needs is some sparkly, shiny polish & you're all set to look awesome!