Friday, December 23, 2011

Recovery mode

After much waiting and anticipation, I went in Wednesday morning for a bunionectomy on my right foot. The surgery itselt was cake. I wasn't as freaked out because my dear friend Regen took me out the night before and hours of girl talk without hearing "MOMMY" in the background did wonders for my anxiety. Anyways all the nurses at Stonecrest were amazing. The IV went in painlessly (first time for me ever!). I went to sleep and woke up a minute later with my foot bandaged up with one less bone.

But that ends the easy stuff. It has been rather painful. At times, excrutiating. Simple tasks like going to the bathroom are dreaded. I know at some point, the pain will end so I'm just pushing through as much as I can right now. Wonderful friends from church have brought over meals which have been so wonderful. Sadly the ones who I would have thought would be more supportive and helpful have been completely non-existant. One in particular who I was there for during some very difficult times really has shown how much my friendship meant to her- apparently nothing. But it just has made me even more grateful to the people in my life who are selfless and kind. Jon has been amazing to me and with the kids. I know this isn't easy for him. Having to help me with the simplest tasks and watching me in pain. I am very blessed to have him by my side!

Next Wednesday I go back to Dr Knox and have the bandages changed and to see how my foot is healing. The week after that, the stitches come out and then he can decide how much pressure I can apply to it. Hopefully get a walking boot and walk without crutches! And 6 weeks later, I should be ready to resume normal activities! And THANK GOODNESS I only have 2 feet! Only one more time will I ever have to go through with this!

So prayers and thoughts for a painfree Christmas and the sanity of my family are much appreciated!
And again a big thanks to all those who have been already praying for me and just being a sounding board for me! Love you all!

So excited to go to the OR- can you tell?




Kris said...

Well, there could be worse things than sittin' around being waited on for Christmas, right? Enjoy your down time (with the help of some painkillers) & you'll be up doing dishes & mopping floors before you know it!

I'm bringing you dinner in my mind tonight! Love you!

Keaven Neely said...

Anything you need, call... or FB cause my phone is dead and at the in-laws. Love you.