Sunday, November 23, 2008

Okay super late.. but here's Halloween

I love Halloween! We actually celebrate it several times during the season. We kick it off by going to Etowah HS's trunk or treat... and do they know how to load my kids up on candy!! Then our ward does a trunk or treat and dinner that is always fun! This yr was no exception.

But we did have a downer. The kids waited and waited to be able to go real trick or treating. They went back and forth on their costumes too. So Halloween night they were all dressed ready to go to the trunk or treat that New Victoria Baptist church puts on every yr and then trick or treating down our street... all the sudden Reese starts feeling sick. He tells me "Mom- I'm ill!". But he insists on going and we get to the church and start walking around and he looks sick.. I mean gonna barf all over everything sick. So we go home and he just crashes on the floor. Poor kid- we knew he was sick when he said he was too "ill" to go beg for candy! So it was just Rielly and I but let me tell you- she got enough candy for all of us!!

Our wards trunk or treat..
Super Shans and the bunny (my friend Melanie)

He doesn't look too happy-- right before he started begging to go home

Sick Zorro

Zorro and the carebear!

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Kris said...

Poor little guy- of all the days of the year to feel sick!

I dig the Super Shans costume!