Thursday, November 13, 2008


I get a call yesterday from my husband while Anna and I are at NorthPoint enjoying our shopping day. He says "I should never try to fix anything".

Our furnace wasn't lighting so Jon went up into the attic to try to see what's going on. Course like every other light in our house, the bulb was out so he went to fix that and as he was going to go down the attic stairs (I think this is what happened) he FELL THROUGH THE CEILING!!!!!

He was able to catch himself but in the process, bruised his back and pulled a fat chunk out of his arm.

So Gregg North to the rescue!! This is one of the reasons I'm so grateful to be part of the church. The service that people give. Everyone is skilled in a different area. So where Jon lacks in any home improvement skills, he is amazing with a computer. But with just a phone call, we were able to get someone willing to come help us fix the ceiling. He was here from around 9ish until almost midnight! Not only did he patch our ceiling, he got our furnace working. We are truely grateful!

We still have some work to do but this is the after!!! No more gapping hole in my attic!


Vanessa said...

LOL! Okay, so I'm not laughing at the unfortunate and hope Jon is doing okay but you gotta admit that is a tad bit funny--someone falling through the ceiling. And yes, it's a marvelous thing to be a part of the church where there are so many different skills and talents to be at out service. Bless Jon's heart for attempting to "fix" the problem and for falling through the ceiling and bless Gregg's heart for being so helpful! And i'm gonna quit commenting on your blog if you don't return the favor! You told on yourself today at cards that you had read my post and there's no comment? Surely you had SOME thought about it. :c)

Kenningtons said...

OH NO!!! I'm so happy Jon is okay. One of my biggest fears is falling (and seeing someone else fall) so I could NEVER get up into my attic for anything. Isn't the church wonderful?! So many willing and helpful people have come through for us on many an occasion!