Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm thankful for perfect moments... Tuesday

I'm thankful for a lot of things but this morning, I am thankful for the perfect moments in life. When Rielly was first born, I remember we all were walking around Target and just for a moment I looked at my family and I though wow.. this is truely perfect. I can't even express it.. such a feeling of contentment and pure joy and happiness and so much love. 3 yrs later, I still remember that feeling so vividly.
I had it again this morning.

Today is my 29th birthday and it started off.. well perfectly. Rielly climbed into bed with me followed by Reese. I had a kid on each side and they were snuggled up close to me and cuddling and QUIET. And Jon was on the end of the bed (poor guy he was getting slowly pushed off). I felt these kids pure love and comfort and adoration towards ME-- their mother. And all I could think about was this is absolutely perfect. These moments remind me of why I am here... why I have been given this devine calling as a women to be a mother. Not just any mother but THEIR mother. And I am truely lucky. What an awesome responsibility I have been given and much too often I take it for granted. But in that perfect moment, I was reminded of why I chose this calling and was given this right and for that, I am truely grateful.


Kenningtons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Isn't it so nice to have moments like these to remember when things are kind of turbulent?? Your kiddos looks so sweet!! Great post! I need to follow your example and start posting about things I am thankful for....I have sooooooo much to be grateful for!!

Kris said...

That was such a great post, it even made me tear up! I love reading your Thankful posts.

BTW- Happy Birthday!

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Shans!

Jill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Jon said he made you breakfast, it better have been good.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday. Your kids are so lucky!