Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Rielly!!!

Well the day has come. My little girl is 4yrs old today! And every day she gets a little closer to being a teenager! 4yrs of Rielly.. how did I get so lucky? Seriously! This girl is a trip. She's moody and tough and so lovable and every bit as fiesty as I could imagine a girl to be! She's like her mama!!! She's turning into a beautiful little girl with long ringlets and bright blue eyes. We are very lucky to have her in our family (although I may not admit that everyday).

I still remember the day she was born. She was a scheduled c-section so there really was nothing eventful about her delivery other than when they took her out, they couldn't put my uterus back in! That was a little nutty!!! And because it wasn't an emergency, it took a long time for the surgery unlike her brother who was like 2 minutes and he was out. But she was worth the wait for sure!

Rielly ended up very moody at a very early age! She was a bit colic and the only thing that could soothe her was daddy. Which didn't make for a very happy mommy during the day that's for sure! And she was lactose intolerant-- again not a happy cheeseless momma! But we survived!! And we will continue to survive!!

Happy Birthday our little Riellykins, Rooder Roo, Pumpkin Head, Shirley Temple...


Kenningtons said...

She really is a super pretty little girl! KG was lactose intolerant as well!! No good...! Happy Birthday, Rielly

Rebecca said...

Time goes to fast. She is too big. What a cutie!