Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sad Day

I found out early this morning that my Grandpa Les Harper passed away last night around 11:45pm. He's been sick for awhile and has beat all the odds.. until now.
He would have turned 91 on Dec 24th. It's bitter/sweet. Bitter because it's my grandpa- we grew up living so close to them and they were a large part of my childhood.
Sweet because he's not sick anymore and he's hanging out with my dad.
Bitter because it's almost Christmas and his birthday.
Sweet because well... he had no quality of life there at end.
I will miss him.


Rebecca said...

I am so sorry for your loss. This just reminds us how wonderful eternal families are.

Kenningtons said...

So sad! I'm sure he is livin' it up in heaven! Especially with family up there waiting for him!!

JenBinAZ said...

My mom and called me yesterday to tell me - she is going to the service on Saturday (I can't because I am 6 hours away), but I am very sorry! Les was a really great guy and I loved his stories when we'd visit there.