Friday, October 22, 2010

Concert worth waiting for

Several months ago, Jon bought us both tickets to see Carrie Underwood at the Bridgestone Arena downtown. This was huge because he doesn't like country... at all. But come on! Carrie is HOT!!!!! Who wouldn't want to see her??!?!

So last Wednesday night, we dropped the kids off with Kristy and Rob and off we went.

Show started with some lame group called Sons of Sylvia. Sorry y'all... they sucked. Maybe just not my type of music but the guy had a major 80's comb back fro and tried to combine bluegrass with country with screaming laying on the floor rock. Not so cool guys!!!

(sooo excited for it to start! I was anyways!!)

Then is was YUMMMY OH SO YUMMY Billy Currington. Did I mention yummy??? That guy sure loves his beer too! Sings a lot about it. But that curly hair is just ..ummm yummy? He is amazing and flawless. Jon even liked him (I think?)
(see? he's smiling!)

(trust me.. even at a distance, he's pretty)

He sang a handful of songs and off he went.

Then on came Carrie Underwood. Okay so we all know she has an amazing voice. But holy hell in concert she is fabulous!!!!!! Every song was entertaining and beautiful and goosebump city! She sang old songs like Jesus Take The Wheel all the way to her new song about her telling her mama that her man is good and everything in between!
So my friends.. if you have the chance, go see her!!! And yes I will admit- she is HOT!

(nothing like her flying around the room on a truck!!!)

Have I told you all lately how much I love Nashville?!?!?!?


Chad and Laura said...

Oh I am soooo jealolus. I <3 Carrie!! She came here to our 4th of July concert . . . i didn't get to go :( I am soooo jealous! Looked like an amazing concert! At least I get to see the pics on your blog :)

Emma said...

no fair!!!!! i wanted to go!