Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's a dream come true!
I have wanted to see him since I was a little girl and he is coming to Nashville.....
And I WILL BE THERE! If I have to sell a kidney right now to pay for it, I will be there!!!
I set my alarm for when they announce the ticket details next Wednesday.
Just breath...........

OH BABY IT'S GARTH!!!!!!!!!!!

**Update** I got her tickets :) -- The awesomest husband ever -- Jon

***UPDATE AGAIN*** He really is the most awesomest husband ever!!! Not only did he get me a ticket, he got our friends tickets and extras for other people that didn't get to buy any!!! AND he's going to go with me!!!!


Kris said...

I remember watching his concert in Central Park on TV years ago & man, can that guy put on a show! Good luck!

Emma said...

lucky!!!! dad said he was gonna talke momma cause it is on their anniversery but momma doesnt wanna go!!!! how could you not wanna go!!!

manda carol said...

Wow, that's one thoughtful husband. Does he give lessons?